Easy does it!

Easy does it!

If you're into on-line shopping or if on-line shopping is your only way of getting the things you need and you can't shop locally, there's now a way to shop online which not only lets you shop and order as normal but also lets you support Erewash Sound in the process!

Sign up for free to www.easyfundraising.org.uk and, every time you order something from one of hundreds of different online stores, a donation is made to Erewash Sound at absolutely no extra cost to you.

Sign up via the link above and, during the registration, simply declare that you'd like to support Erewash Sound when prompted - then, all you have to do is shop on a variety of sites for a variety of products using the Easy Fundraising app on your tablet or smartphone, or web application for your PC.

Participating vendors will give a small amount  in additional commission to Erewash Sound and you'll be able to see how you're doing along with other station supporters!

Accumulated funds will be periodically passed over to us and we'll use that money to put towards running costs to continue providing the radio station we know you love!

Thank you!