Annual Hospital Bed Push - 29th April

This year’s Hospital Bed-Push is to be held in Ilkeston on Saturday 29th April when a number of teams, including the Ilkeston Rotarians will push a hospital bed up Bath Street, Ilkeston to raise funds for the hospital.

Teams from East Midlands Ambulance, Ilkeston Fire Service staff are taking part throughout the day, commencing at 8:30am when the first Bed Push sets off up Bath Street to the Market Place.

Other teams taking part are the staff at the hospital and this year they will be joined by the Ilkeston & District Retail Co-op staff who have made the League of Friends their 2017 charity organisation.

They are discussing with the hospital for their staff to assist with the special occasion catering in conjunction with the new facilities at the hospital, opened on Thursday 20th April - a cafe and shop.

Come into town on 29th April to support the Bed Push teams and have a few pence in your pocket ot put in in their collection buckets!