NCS Believers Sleep Out

A group of 15 teenagers taking part in a National Citizen programme are seeking to raise awareness of homelessness during a sponsored sleep out.

The NCS Believers are including the sleep out as part of a social action project and by doing this, are trying to fundraise for the Canaan Trust.

Although the exact location of the sleep out is being kept between organisers and participants, the Believers have told Erewash Sound that it will take place in West Hallam on Monday 14th August.

From 8pm to 10am, those taking part in the sleep out are only allowed one sleeping bag, and one cardboard box.  They are only allowed to visit the toilet once every two hours and are not allowed to brush their teeth or take a shower and only have a £1 allowance to last the night.  Additionally, they are not allowed any luxury items.

For more details about the Believers, theiSleep Out and how to support them can be viewed at