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Pictured from top to bottom: Andy Searle, Alan Grewcock, Rob Pembridge, Paul Garrett, Richard Lyon, Sue Reid.

DATE: 10 MAY 2018
1st: Andy SEARLE: Leicester - 75-06
2nd: Steve CROCKER: Makins & Leicester - 74-04
3rd: Barry ROWLANDS: Burton on Trent - 63-08
4th: John ADAMSON: Nisa Feeders - 59-08
5th: Marcus PETCH: Tussies AC - 57-04
6th: Gary COOK: Mosella UK - 53-08
Number of pegs: 26

Report: The overnight heavy rain adversely affected the weights although there were fish caught all around both lakes.

Andy Searle caught on pellet from all areas of his peg (except the margin) and had mainly stockies for his 75-06 from Derwent 22.  Steve Crocker on Avon 24 had mainly big carp in his 74-04 for second place, catching on pellet fished to his left and the margin, Barry Rowlands taking third place with a pellet caught 63-08 from Derwent 6.

NB.  ‘NISA FEEDERS’ Opens are at Makins every Thursday on Phases 2 or 3. (£15 “all in” at the draw). Draw 8:45 am in Café, Phase 1 Car Park.


DATE:  9 May 2018
1st: Alan GREWCOCK: Earl Shilton - 165-08
2nd: John ADAMSON: Nisa Feeders - 130-08
3rd: Dom GACZYMSKI: Devon Angling Club - 103-12
4th: Shane SAYERS: Sensas - 86-12
5th: Chris WAYTE: Not Coalville AC - 84-12
6th: Tony RATHMILL: Manchester Angling Club - 81-12
Number of pegs:  25

Report:  Although pegs A9-A20 filled five of the top six weights, the carp are now moving around the lake although there is still no sign of smaller fish with decent carp dominating the weights.

Alan Grewcock continued his great form and certainly put peg A15 to good use with 165-08 and a clear win. Alan fished pole and corn to his right all day and caught steadily throughout the match.

John Adamson, the only angler in the top six not on the “A” bank, landed 130-08 from peg B15 fishing method feeder. John caught from the start and suffered a very slow two hours in the middle of the match which cost him a better weight.

Dom Gaczymski (A13) caught his 103-12 on pellet waggler, as did the next three, Shane Sayers (A11), Chris Wayte (A9) and Tony Rathmill (A20) 81-12.

NB.  ‘Nisa Feeders’ Opens are at Makins on Phase 1 every Wednesday, 9:00 am draw in Café (on Phase 1 Car Park).


: 3 MAY 2018
1st: Rob PEMBRIDGE - 26-10     
2nd: Paul GARRETT - 24-08
3rd:: Richard LYON - 19-04
4th : Sue REID - 16-02

The first Thursday Evening Match of the year on Grange Pond was fished by 7 anglers.  Pegs 8,11,13,16,21,25,30 were the pegs in the hat for the first open match of the year and it was thought that 50-00 would win - but this was wrong. The Pond must have a curse when you out keepnets in.

1st on the day was Rob Pembridge with 26-10 from peg 30 all coming to pellet waggler tactics. Rob caught 6 carp for his total weight.

2nd was Paul Garrett from peg 21. Paul caught on feeder tight to the island and easily had the most fish. Paul weighed in a total of 24-08.

3rd on the day was our very own Richard Lyon who drew peg 8. Not many fish have been coming out of this area lately so he’s done very well to get his 19-04. Made up of 4 carp and a couple of perch. All in double maggot over micros.

4th on the day was Sue Reid. She drew “snag pit” peg 16. Sue caught on pole down the left margin on corn over micros. Having trouble with getting fish out was the problem for her. She weighed a creditable 16-02 which made up of 5 carp. If she managed to get all her fish in she would have been right up there with Rob.

Next Thursday night match is on 17 May, draw at 4:30 pm. Come on down and have some fun. Enter via the Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society Facebook Page (Matthew Gaetto or Richard Lyon).