How to Listen

On FM Radio

You can find us broadcasting in the Erewash area on 96.8FM. Whether you’re at home, on the go or in your car, simply tune your radio to our frequency. If you have an RDS radio, provided you have good reception ‘EREWASH’ will appear on your radio display. A tuning guide can be viewed on our home page.

Our transmitter has been installed at a carefully selected location, in order to provide the best coverage possible across the borough.

We hope you’ll be able to pick up our signal loud and clear, however, due to the type of licence obtained, we have been limited to a specific transmission power level, and this means things might not quite work out. So, if you’re having problems tuning in to 96.8 FM, here’s a few simple things you can try with your radio!

  1. Fully extend the telescopic aerial (where fitted), then move it around forwards and backwards, and side to side until you feel you’ve got the clearest signal possible.
  2. Move your radio around the room — near a window, upstairs perhaps. Try and find the best place where we can be heard as clearly as possible.
  3. Keep your radio away from things which might cause interference such as mobile phones, computers, microwave and other electrical appliances or motors/engines which might be running nearby.
  4. If you’re suffering interference from another radio station nearby on the dial, adjust your manual tuner slightly, move your radio and aerial as above.
  5. Change to mono settings if possible. You may detect a ‘hiss’ in the background of our transmissions. Although we’re broadcasting in FM Stereo, if your radio has a switch labeled ‘mono’, flick the switch to remove the ‘hiss’ in areas where our signal is weaker.
  6. Try a different radio! Newer units may have a better aerial, or are better equipped to pick up radio transmissions through the advance of technology.
  7. Listen on-line - a ‘simulcast’ (the same service) of our FM transmissions is available via the 'Listen Live' link on the top right of our homepage. The simulcast is available via PCs, laptops, MACs and most wi-fi internet radios. Wi-fi radios can be purchased for the approximate price of a DAB radio  You can also receive our simulcast on some TV boxes as well as AI devices such as Google Home and Alexa.  Contact us if you need help with any aspect of on-line listening.

If you have a manual dial radio, particularly a very small radio with an equally smaller tuner dial, finding us accurately will be more difficult. A digital tuner or radio with wider manual dial may prove more easier to use to begin listening.

Please note that currently, we cannot be heard on DAB/Digital Radio tuners due to the current costs of carriage and infrastruture.

Still having trouble listening at home or in the workplace? Please let us know! Your contribution might give us important information that we might be able to use to discuss with engineers and the broadcast regulator. Send your e-mail with reception reports to

However, in the Summer of 2018, Erewash Sound took advantage of an opportunity to apply for a second frequency with the aim to offer increased signal strengths to the south and south west of the borough.  We continue to await a response to this application from the broadcast regulator OFCOM and will announce further details as soon as we can.

On Your Computer

You can listen to us anytime on your computer by clicking the ‘Listen Live’ link on the top of every page on this website. This will launch our Erewash Sound Radio Player via our friends at RadioPlayer, providing playback controls and information on the show currently on air.

On Your Mobile, tablet and iPod touch

Download the free Erewash Sound app to listen to us wherever you go on your mobile, tablet or iPod. The app is available to download from the Apple, Android and Backberry app stores. See here for more details.

Please note that when you listen to internet radio over a mobile phone network, you will use some of your data allowance and/or be charged by your network, unless your tariff gives you unlimited net for your monthly payment. Please check with your service provider, particularly to ensure that you are permitted to listen to live streams over the network as part of your package.

On Internet Radios

If you have an Internet Radio that uses Pure’s The Lounge, Reciva or Wi-Fi Radio Frontier’s database of internet radio stations, you can easily find Erewash Sound by navigating the radio station list on your internet radio. You can save time later by adding Erewash Sound to one of your radio presets, it’s just like listening to a normal FM radio.

On Your Home Media Centre

Some media centre devices, including smart TVs and games consoles, allow you to browse the internet and listen to internet radio through your television just as you can on your computer.

To listen to Erewash Sound on a compatible Media Centre, all you have to do is navigate to our website and select the ‘Listen Live’ link on the top of every page on this website.

On Smart TVs, NOWTV boxes and similar devices, you can install the TuneIn radio app and search/listen to Erewash Sound that way too!