Ilkeston Ladies gym offering solo sessions; for newbies or nervous returners

As part of their reopening strategy Curves Ilkeston is offering solo sessions for anyone wanting to start working out, anyone who might be nervous about going to the gym and anyone with any specific health concerns.

Curves owner Sally Peacock says, “Although we are a gym which are allowed to reopen on the 12 April, due to the layout and nature of our workout we fall somewhere between a gym and group exercise and so we are planning to reopen fully on the 17th May.  Until then we are offering solo sessions, on our circuit with one of our Coaches, for anyone who’s nervous about coming.

Our Coaches are all trained to adapt our workout for any health concerns, additionally they are trained in supporting anyone with mental health issues to participate in exercise.

At first, we were of course disappointed not to be able to open on the 12th April, but we would rather be safe.  Then we realised this was an opportunity that might encourage some women to take that first step.  They will get to workout in a private session with a Curves Coach, who will guide them in using our equipment and make any adjustments to the workout they need.  They can get to know us, before they get to know the rest of our community and feel safe doing so.

We want to encourage women to experience the benefits of Strength training and the impact it has on other areas of their lives; balance, co-ordination, mental health, combating stress and just making their daily routine a lot easier.  We’re not just about weight loss, we’re committed to improving the quality of women’s lives.”

Health experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week (i.e. 30 minutes, 5 times a week), plus muscle strengthening activity that involves all the major muscle groups 2 or more times a week.  The Curves circuit is specifically designed for women.  The workout combines Strength Training with cardio and stretching – all in just 30 minutes – to develop lean muscle, raise metabolism, burn fat and tone up.  There is always a Curves Coach on hand to help you get fit and gain strength.

Curves Ilkeston opened in 2005 on Bath Street and relocated to Awsworth Road in 2011.  They are very proud of all their members’ achievements but especially of the 22 members who have all achieved over 1000 workouts showing that commitment to your health and wellbeing is ongoing.

Sally added: "The fact we have so many members that have achieved such an incredible amount of workouts, and quite a few more that are close is testament to our members’ hard work plus the fact our workout really works and it’s fun!  We know you won’t stick at anything you don’t enjoy and we aim to make workouts enjoyable for even the most reluctant exerciser. At just 30 minutes in total too, you probably won’t get a better offer!”

Anyone who is interested in getting started with these sessions should contact the Coaches at Curves Ilkeston.  This can be done by messaging Curves Ilkeston on Facebook or Instagram, messaging directly on 07741 483178, or calling 0115 9444457.