Throwing a Casino Themed Party in Erewash

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We all deserve fun in our busy lives, and few activities on this path can measure up as well as parties. The only downside of this is that with so many choices, narrowing down what you want can be complicated and time-consuming. Focussing on the idea of a casino theme, we want to explore one small slice of what is possible, for your next celebration or get-together.

Going it Alone

One of the best ways that you can throw a casino party-themed party as a host is to go it alone and build everything you want from the ground up. This means taking surveys of favourite games, having dedicated dealers, and scaling the experience to as many or as few players as you like.

The best part of this is that, with a couple of tablets, you can still involve real games. Many online casinos will offer low-cost or even free spins for titles like the popular game Rainbow Riches, which can be set up at different play stations. These are extremely high-level productions, with high RTP and jackpots that make incredibly involving experiences.

Otherwise, you can full manual with games both esoteric and common. Blackjack and hold'em are likely to be popular in this regard, but also workable are lesser-known versions like Chinese Poker, Guts, Follow the Queen, and more.

This approach also means you can go as ridiculous as you care to in terms of customising your theme. While we can’t suggest that adult themes would be okay with this approach, we do at least seem to be hinting at it pretty heavily. After all, your friends are likely to be a lot more comfortable with outrageous humour than a legally liable company will be.

Professional Services

Another way to throw a casino themed party is to let hired work do the heavy lifting, and rely on casino rental services. We're lucky in this regard in that while Erewash may be small, we still have access to professional gambling services like Little Vegas Casino. These will let you rent out professional-level tables for blackjack, roulette and stud poker, among others.

Working with fake currency for legal reasons, these services come with trained dealers for a real casino feel. The fake fun money might not be spendable outside of your casino, but the overall winner will receive prizes. In the example of this company, they include a bottle of fizz, a certificate, and, most importantly, the ability to lord it over your competitors' heads.

As for the rest of how you organise your party theme, it’s up to you to fill in the blanks. Will you go all out, or keep things quiet and professional? Ultimately, it’s your choice - though, professional services will come with some restrictions in terms of space, crowd sizes, and alcohol allowances.


Whatever your final plan for your casino-themed party, the best advice we can give is to plan well in advance. Both in terms of physical layout, and ensuring players understand the games, its best to get ahead of any issues before they can appear. For rules, websites like Wiki How can make complicated ideas easy. For other aspects, simple measurements and browsing the net for ideas can be key. Whatever you end up going with, best of luck, and be sure you always have a full pack.