£4m proposed (23rd January/5th February) by County Council to help tackle climate change

Published on: Sunday, 19th January 2020

Proposals by Derbyshire County Council to set aside more than £4m to help tackle climate change will be considered by Cabinet members on Thursday (23 January 2020).

If plans are approved as part of the council’s budget, the cash will be used to put measures in place to help deliver the council’s Carbon Reduction Plan and Environment and Climate Change Framework, which were approved in November.

The Carbon Reduction Plan details how the council will take action to reduce emissions from its own buildings, street lighting and fleet of vehicles in order to achieve pledges made by councillors in May 2019 to reduce carbon and take action on climate change.

The Environment and Climate Change Framework sets out policies on how the council will work with other councils in Derbyshire and the wider community to deliver on the 2015 Paris Agreement which the UK signed to help limit global warming.

Steps taken towards delivering the framework so far include:

  • agreeing with all councils in Derby and Derbyshire to work together and with the wider community to reduce carbon emissions in Derbyshire
  • hosting ‘Tackling climate change together’ – an event in March for businesses, housing developers, councils and other public bodies in Derbyshire to discuss what they can do to help
  • bidding for cash to install electric vehicle charging points around the county
  • planning to introduce a new grant scheme - called Climate Action Grants - to support local communities to take action on climate change.

Leader of Derbyshire County Council Councillor Barry Lewis said: “Steps we’re taking to help tackle climate change in Derbyshire are progressing at a pace.

“We pledged to take a strategic leadership role in bringing together partners across the county to tackle this issue and inspire businesses and the public to do all they can to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Radical change is needed to the ways in which we all lead our daily lives if we are to meet the challenging targets set down to cut carbon before it’s too late. Our plans are sensibly aligned with national and international targets.

“We recognise this will require investment. That’s why we’re proposing to set aside a significant sum to help pump prime innovation and drive development over forthcoming years.

"This investment will unlock new opportunities for businesses and communities."

Cabinet members will make recommendations on the budget report to Full Council to consider when it meets on Wednesday 5 February 2020.

If the proposed £4m to help tackle climate change gets the go ahead, it would be funded from business rates.

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