Are you missing out on better, faster broadband?

Published on: Saturday, 23rd March 2019

Around 56,000 homes and businesses in Derbyshire are missing out on better, faster broadband.  Is yours one of them?

Digital Derbyshire, a multi-million pound partnership between ourselves, the UK Government and Openreach, has made superfast broadband available to more than 97,000 premises.  It provides download speeds of more than 24Mbps – and an improved, faster connection available to a further 5,000 properties which are unable to get super fast.

More than 46,000 Derbyshire homes and businesses have already signed-up, and now Digital Derbyshire is raising awareness of the benefits of signing up to a better, faster broadband connection so that more local people can benefit from an improved service.

Cabinet Member for Highways,Transport and Infrastructure, Councillor Simon Spencer, said: “We live so much of our lives online now that decent broadband is a must.  Whether it’s for online shopping, banking, homework, working from home or watching “Smart” TV, most of us rely on a good quality internet connection at home, and for businesses, it’s vital for buying and selling online, including to overseas markets, communicating with customers and moving more of the business online using 'cloud' services for file storage, accounting and management systems.

 “That’s why we’re investing in Digital Derbyshire to provide around 103,000 properties across the county with access to superfast broadband by the end of 2020, and a further 12,000 not able to reach superfast speeds will still get access to high-speed broadband.”

You can check what broadband speed you could receive by visiting Digital Derbyshire.

Ordering fibre broadband is easy.   Just follow these five easy steps:

Check if fibre broadband is available in your area

Type your postcode into our postcode checker and if the search result says "Available for service" then better, faster broadband is available for your property.

Check your current broadband contract

If better, faster broadband is available, you will need to check your current broadband contract.

Usually, customers sign-up for contracts of 12 or 18 months and you may need to complete this agreement before switching broadband companies - sometimes known as Internet Service Providers or ISP for short.

If you are still within your contract, most broadband companies will allow you to upgrade to a better package.

Do your research

We can't advise on the best broadband package for you, or which company you should sign up with. But there are many comparison websites that allow you to compare packages.

When comparing packages, look out for things like:

  • Speed: Some broadband packages can restrict your download and upload speeds in return for a cheaper tariff.
  • Usage: Is the package unlimited or can you only download and upload a limited amount each month?
  • Contract length: Would you be signing up for 12, 18 or 24 months?
  • Calls: Check if you can save money by combining your broadband package with your telephone service.
  • Offers: There are lots of incentives on offer from broadband companies to sign up to their products. Typically these are discounted introductory periods or vouchers for high street stores.

Make your decision

Once you have chosen your broadband provider you will need to get in touch with them to place your order.  This can usually be done by telephone or by using the live chat facility found on many websites. Your provider will explain what you need to do to get up and running.

Order and installation

Once you have placed an order for better, faster broadband, your provider will tell you how and when it will be installed.  An engineer may need to visit your property to do the necessary work.

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