Arena Church says "Let’s Do This" through donations appeal during the pandemic

Published on: Tuesday, 12th May 2020

A charity based at an Ilkeston church is appealing for help from the public as it seeks to tackle issues of poverty, isolation, homelessness and unemployment in and around Ilkeston, Derbyshire and parts of Nottinghamshire.

Arena Community was established in 2006 and, in the last twelve months, has helped over 5,000 people through several different initiatives to meet four objectives:

  • Provision of food and practical resources.
  • Provision of quality housing via supported accommodation.
  • Training, education and rehabilitation.
  • Making communities liveable.

As the effects of the coronavirus continue to be felt, threatening our very way of life, charity officials consider that there is an even greater need for help and support, having already had record numbers approach them, due to both poverty and those who have been furloughed and now find themselves in very difficult times, including the elderly and those with children. 

Even after the lockdown, Arena Community concludes that they will need to help communities liveable again, due to the effect on families in our area in the long term.

Arena Community is mostly funded by the charity shops, which of course are currently closed, through Arena Church (which is also currently not able to open) and through the generous donations of the public.  Every penny allows us them to help someone, so has launched the Let’s Do This campaign, to help combat the problems happening now and likely to be happening in the future.

Historically, the charity has concluded a shortfall of £60,000 needed to cover all the running costs and believes this year the need will be even greater.  It is therefore appealing for 1000 people to commit to giving to just a £3 every month and for 20 businesses to commit to giving £100 every month.  

It is hoped that donations will enable the provision of help to the community and give hope to people for their future, allowing children and whole families to be fed and receive the support they need in this troubling period. 

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