Better bus information for Erewash passengers

Published on: Wednesday, 13th November 2019

Erewash passengers will be able to clock exactly when their bus will arrive after the completion of a project to install electronic bus stop information signs.

Derbyshire County Council has finished putting up 134 electronic signs – known as Real Time Information (RTI) signs – at various sites around the county.

These are a mixture of signs at specific stops and timetable summary screens at main bus centres.

The signs countdown in minutes when the bus is due to arrive at an individual stop.  They also display details of service disruption and information about local events.

Locally, electronic signs are sited in Ilkeston, Long Eaton and Sandiacre.

The individual stop signs cover 29 services including:

  • Trent Barton’s Indigo which connects Derby, Long Eaton and Nottingham
  • My 15, which runs between Ilkeston, Stapleford, Long Eaton, Old Sawley, and East Midlands Airport

Councillor Simon Spencer, Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, said: “We want to encourage people, when they can, to find alternative ways of travelling other than by car to help contribute to reducing the county’s carbon footprint.

“These electronic signs will let people know exactly when their next bus will arrive because they are linked to tracking equipment on each bus.  We hope this precise information will boost confidence in the reliability of services and encourage more people to use public transport as a more environmentally-friendly way of getting out and about.”

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