Borough-based funeral directors launches 'Year of Light'

Published on: Thursday, 19th May 2022
A 'Year of Light' neon in a Wathall's window

A family-owned firm of funeral directors with an office in Borrowash has commissioned a series of light installations featuring positive and inspiring messages to feature across its branch network.

The Year of Light initiative has been spearheaded by Wathall's Business Development Manager Bec Wathall who, alongside sister Charlotte, is the sixth generation of the family to work in the company.

Bec explained that the 12 neon signs would be featured in stages.  She said: “I was inspired to develop the Year of Light messages after reading a book about living life to the full and someone’s dying wishes.

“After such a turbulent couple of years for most people and particularly the families that we support, I wanted to create a series of messages that would uplift and inspire people to make positive changes.

“The overriding theme is that tomorrow isn’t promised and ensure that you don’t have regrets – including telling your nearest and dearest that you love them.”

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