Borough boy in phone chat with George Ezra

Published on: Friday, 20th May 2022
Five year old Travis speaks with George Ezra by phone

A five-year-old from Ilkeston who has been a massive George Ezra fan since he first heard his hit 'Shotgun' when it was released, has had the experience of a lifetime when he ended up speaking to the pop star by phone recently.

The singer, known for a string of hits including his debut 'Budapest' plus 'Paradise', and 'Hold My Girl' has been promoting his new album this week and as part of the campaign, he briefly released a phone number on social media and asked fans to ring him for a chat.

Five year old Travis watches live performances of his favourite singer every night and is going to see him in concert in October after a family member secured tickets and promised to take him.

His Mum Emily saw the social media invite and, much like thousands of others, began a number of attempts to get through, but kept efforts to herself until she knew she had been successful.

However, after a time, the line appeared to have been terminated and call attempts were unsuccessful, but Emily persisted, despite assuming that George had turned the phone off, but she was shocked and surprised when a further attempt resulted in a ringing tone being heard.

George soon picked up and during the call which lasted around three minutes, asked Travis for his name, age and his favourite song.  Travis replied by saying that he was due to see him in October and that his favourite song was 'Shotgun' to which George said he'd think of him whilst he played the song on stage and would play it extra well just for him.

Speaking after his brief experience on the phone, Travis said that he was "...over the moon!".

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