Borough council moves to counter Museum speculation

Published on: Friday, 17th March 2023
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Officials at Erewash Borough Council have issued a statement in a bid to counter what it described as "wholly inaccurate media reports"* over the future of Erewash Museum.

The statement said that the Museum is NOT closing and that, instead, further investment was invisaged in the years to come. 

The authority said that it was aware that there were concerns amongst residents and patrons and pledged to do everything within its power to support the museum – working with the Friends of the Museum and other partners to find a resolution.

However, there was also a stark warning on the issues the borough council says that it is facing, with the statement referencing the need to manage a substantial funding gap to meet this year’s budget which has led to the need to make difficult choices including focusing public resources on days of the week when both families and residents are more likely to visit the museum.

It also said that the council continues to invest in the museum which, it said, was demonstrated recently with confirmed funding of £100k following a successful bid to the Government’s Shared Prosperity Fund, which, it was said would help pay for a new events coordinator and to stage new and enhanced events at the museum over the next two years. 

Councillor Carol Hart, Leader of Erewash Borough Council, said: “I am disappointed at seeing posts going out about the museum that are incorrect and I am really pleased to say that the new investment will help provide additional events and activities on days of the week that are more accessible, particularly for families and residents in Ilkeston and further afield. 

"The museum is a valuable asset for the local community and the council will continue to provide the necessary support and at the same time demonstrate value for money for local tax payers. We hope that the recent investment for events will encourage more people to visit in the future and take part in all that the museum has to offer.”

* = Erewash Sound would like to make it clear that the radio station has not been reporting on anything other than facts provided by Erewash Borough Council.

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