Borough Council part of Notts and Derbyshire devo deal leading the way

Published on: Tuesday, 14th July 2015

Ground breaking proposals for devolving powers from central government to the East Midlands are being seen as a model for many other UK regions, according to local councils in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

In his budget speech, Chancellor George Osborne highlighted the progress being made with 'devolution deals' in several regions as part of a major shake-up in the way the country is run.

The well-advanced devo deal for Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby and Derbyshire would be the first that involves two 'Combined Authority' areas and two-tiers of local government under a single Local Enterprise Partnership area, so is viewed by key figures in Government as a 'scaleable model' which could work in much of the rest of the UK.

The D2N2 devo deal, based around the two proposed Combined Authorities in the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area, would see Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby and Derbyshire take control of key economic levers like jobs, skills, housing and transport, giving local people and local businesses more power to grow the local economy and make local lives better. The business community is a key partner in developing the proposals that will see 55,000 new private sector jobs created by 2023 and 77,000 affordable new homes by 2020.

All 19 local Councils in the D2N2 area, including Erewash Borough Council, are signed up to the Devo Deal and Combined Authority proposals which provide a strong unified vision for growth and jobs in the East Midlands. The private and public sector are working together to realise this vision that will see more money and power devolved to the area that will create more jobs, improve and better join-up road and rail links, provide more affordable housing and faster, more widespread broadband connectivity.

What could the Devo Deal deliver, if successful?

  • 55,000 new jobs by 2023
  • Improved quality and quantity of homes across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire

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