Borough Leisure Centres contractor moves to clarify use of lifeguards

Published on: Wednesday, 21st August 2019

In the wake of the comments from prospective Parliamentary Candidate Catherine Atkinson over the suggested loss of lifeguards for children's swimming lessons at borough council leisure centres, the contractor, Legacy Leisure, which took control earlier this year in February, has issued a statement.

It said: “Following recent coverage in the local media, we would like to clarify the situation regarding the use of lifeguards for swimming lessons at Erewash leisure centres.

The system in place for the supervision of swimming lessons follows national health and safety guidelines and has not changed in the past five years.

On taking over the operation of the centres on February 1, 2019 Legacy Leisure continued the practice of only having lifeguards when the swimming teacher is in the water.  This adheres to guidance published by Swim England.

If the teacher is not in the water and has a lifesaving qualification they are able to provide safety cover as well as teaching as it is a controlled session.

We also follow Swim England’s guidance that a teacher must teach from the side unless there is a specific need for them to be in the water.

We trust this reassures customers and clarifies any confusion. The health and safety of customers is our number one priority and we take it extremely seriously - our practices always comply with current codes of conduct.”

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