Borrowash man expresses delight at support for Techcycling initiative

Published on: Friday, 20th August 2021

During lockdown, a borough man has been working with local schools, families, groups and charities to refurbish old IT equipment to provide access to those without.

Karl Moore started Ockbrook & Borrowash Techcycle from his Borrowash home but has been working in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire since March.

Having won some awards for his work, including a Derbyshire Beacon of Hope award, Karl said that he never started the project seeking such rewards, only with a simple hope that he could help a few children and families in need, but has since spoken about the extent of support received since start up.

Appealing for continued support but also for people to share, donate and refer people to the service, he said: "I can't believe eight months in, just how many individuals, groups and charities we've managed to reach.  Without donations, I have nothing to do, we can't help anyone. This only works if we all work together.   Thank you to everyone that has donated, liked, shared, commented or in anyway helped. It is all greatly appreciated!"

Mr. Moore said that every useful device received would go to help another family in need.  

He has already received support from the Ockash Trust and Rotary Club of Church Wilne for grant funding and to a property maintenance firm who have been PAT testing equipment without charging a fee.

As well as receiving a number of referrals for individuals and families that need help, any excess items that he cannot find a home for have been sent to help children from low-income families, with any further items donated to raise money for Treetops Hospice.

He has also worked with and donated items to a number of local schools and groups including:
- Ashbrook Infant School
- Ashbrook Junior School
- Ashbrook Tigers
- Redhill School
- Asterdale School
- Ockbrook and Borrowash Foodbank
- Ashbrook Community Centre
- Ashbrook Youth Club
- Borrowbrook Home Link
- The Island Project
- 147th Derby Scout Group
- Whitehouse Nursery

For more information, search for Ockbrook & Borrowash Techcyle on Facebook or go directly to

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