County Councillor for Sawley aims to tackle local roads gridlock

Published on: Wednesday, 18th September 2019
Cllr Kewal Singh Athwal

The County Councillor for Sawley has taken to social media this week to detail his intent to tackle problems on roads around the area.

Cllr Kewal Singh Athwal has lived in Long Eaton since 1973 and described the area as "a great place to live, with two large towns, Nottingham and Derby nearby and very good access to other parts of our great country"

He referenced the key connectivity with the M1 going north and south, the M42 link to Birmingham and Long Eaton railway station which he said linked the area to most parts of the United Kingdom.  He also cited East Midlands Airport as another connection to the wider areas, both here in the UK and beyond, but remarked on the worsening state of traffic on local roads.

He said: "Over the years with the increase in vehicle ownership and our reliability on them for both work and pleasure, our local roads in Sawley and the Greater Long Eaton area are getting gridlocked.

With support from my fellow DCC Councillors Alan Griffiths and Garry Hickton, I have worked tirelessly to engage with officers at Derbyshire County Council to look at ways to find a solution to this ever increasing traffic congestion problem, which is not only effecting our health, due to slow moving traffic, which is polluting our air quality but also the economic price that our local businesses are paying with time lost whilst stuck in traffic."

Cllr Athwal, a former Mayor of Erewash, singled out Tamworth Road, Wilsthorpe Road, Fields Farm Road, Derby Road and Petersham Road as being particularly bad at peak traffic times, but said that he was pleased to report that officers at Derbyshire County Council have agreed to carry out a comprehensive traffic study in Sawley and the Greater Long Eaton area to look at ways to improve the traffic flow.

A month long study will be carried out in the next few months with results likely to be available early next year.

The borough resident and authority representative said: "I sincerely hope that a positive workable solution will be found to improve the traffic flow in our area.  I would like to thank officers at Derbyshire County Council for their understanding and also my fellow County Councillors for their support in endeavouring to improve our local area."

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