December 15th: Fundraising walk to support sister and hospital cancer unit

Published on: Sunday, 1st December 2019

A local woman, who has experienced three sisters being diagnosed with cancer in three years, is to embark on a 20 mile walk this month to raise money for one sister who has just been diagnosed with lymphoma.

Carmen Bradley will begin her walk from Langley Mill on December 15th at 10am to support her sibling, who she said has worked all of her life but has now got to give up work whilst undergoing chemotherapy.

The walk will pass through Heanor, Ilkeston and Wollaton into Market Square in Nottingham before the return journey begins.  Carmen will be accompanied by her daughter, her sister, and another sister who has just battled breast cancer.  The group will be dressed in pink hi-visibility jackets and will be encouraging support from the public by holding collecting buckets for anyone who wishes to donate spare change.

Some of the proceeds will also be going to the Cancer Unit at Nottingham City Hospital after the support staff had given in curing two sisters and treating a third.  Carmen said the unit was close to her heart as a result.

Carmen, who listens to Erewash Sound every morning whilst at work, is aiming to raise £500 for her sister, who, despite battling lymphoma, is also caring for a partner with dementia.

To support Carmen and her family on-line visit this link where you'll also find updates on her sister's progress.

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