Derbyshire Wildlife Trust says that HS2 would be disastrous for Derbyshire

Published on: Thursday, 13th December 2018

The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has collectively expressed extreme concerned about the extent of damage that it says HS2 will have on large swathes of Derbyshire and our wildlife.

A recent news release by the Trust said that The Working Draft Environment Statement, recently released, indicates that as many as 47 wildlife rich sites covering over 200 hectares will be affected by HS2, with 17 Local Wildlife Sites said to be almost completely destroyed and a further 7 badly damaged.

It says that three ancient woodlands are directly affected as are many wetlands of vital importance for the survival of water voles, migratory and breeding birds, grass snakes and rare insects and butterflies.

Kieron Huston, Regional Manager, said: “At the moment it is clear that the environmental cost of HS2 is very high.  This development will have the largest impact on wildlife that we have seen in Derbyshire since the M1 was built.

Key habitats such as reed beds, lowland fens and flower-rich grasslands need to be a fundamental part of restoration and habitat creation when Hs2 during and after HS2's construction if we are to avoid a disastrous outcome.”

The Trust has responded to the latest consultation to raise concerns and has pledged to keep the public informed on how they could help as this matter progresses. 

HS2 Phase 2b working draft Environmental Statement


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