Do you remember public opposition to Ratcliffe Power Station in the early 60s?

Published on: Saturday, 1st October 2016

The University of Leicester is looking for residents of Long Eaton and the surrounding area who remember the 1962/63 local campaign of opposition against plans to construct the coal fired power station at Ratcliffe on Soar.

Public opposition to the choice of the site was particularly strong and the project seeks to capture personal memories of the campaign.

If you were actively involved in some way, or if you know others who were engaged in the campaign, you're being encouraged to get in contact with those working behind the project.

You may have been opposed to the proposal or may have supported it.   Whatever your views, those involved say that would be keen to hear from you to establish the nature and extent of local opposition and explore subsequent reactions to the approval of the site.

Records from the National Archives show that opposition was strong and well-coordinated, but official files offer very little information about the activists themselves.  Collecting oral history interviews with local people will allow investigation teams to fill this gap before these memories are lost forever. 

The research is also part of a pilot study for a larger project on the history of Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station and is associated with the Oral History of the Electricity Supply Industry in the UK project, a National Life Stories project in conjunction with the British Library,

Any involvement of local people in the research is entirely voluntary and participants can withdraw at any time.

For more information, contact Sue Bishop via e-mail on sb752(at) (changing the (at) for @ before sending your e-mail) or phone her on 07801 741392.

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