Erewash Sound declared 'Local Radio Station of the Year 2021 (Derbyshire)'

Published on: Thursday, 7th October 2021
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Erewash Sound - 'Local Radio Station of the Year 2021 (Derbyshire) in the Media Innovator Awards run by Corporate Vision Magazine

After picking up a number of business and radio industry awards over the last five years, Erewash Sound has been declared as 'Local Radio Station of the Year 2021 (Derbyshire)' in the Media Innovator Awards 2021 with the radio station having been selected for consideration by Corporate Vision Magazine back in July.

The Media Innovator Awards 2021 honour businesses and enterprises regarded as the driving force behind the region’s continued growth and success.

The nomination for the radio station comes after a three month process for organisations to submit nominations. 

Erewash Sound was put forward as a nominee by a select panel working for the magazine.

Ian Perry is the Press and Publicity spokesperson for Erewash Sound.  Speaking on the news of this award, he said: "Having already had as many as nine successes for our presenters at the annual Community Radio Awards, and receiving the 2020 award for Local Radio Station of the Year in the 'Innovation and Excellence Awards', we are absolutely delighted to be declared as 'Local Radio Station of the Year 2021 (Derbyshire) and to receive a Media Innovator Award.  

A great deal of hard work is put in by our volunteer team - particularly under very challenging circumstances during the pandemic -  to provide a genuinely local 24-hour radio station, on our website, social media and on-line broadcast services in addition to our two FM frequencies, but our achievements would not be possible without the support of local businesses, and of course, our many listeners and we thank every single one of them, past, present and future."

On the day that the awards were announced, an official statement released by Corporate VIsion Magazine said: 'The world of media is highly captivating, with the ability to transform a customer’s perspective of business to be more accessible and desirable.  A mixture of audio, visual, and multimedia, the industry moves very quickly, even despite the Covid-19 pandemic forcing many other industries to go slower.  2021 saw a rise in streaming media, and a need for business to be accessible from home in a digital space, and the need for innovation was increased.

With all this in mind, we have hosted this year’s programme to acknowledge those who look to innovate and define the future of the logistics industry.'

Holly Morris is the awards co-ordinator for Corporate Vision Magazine.  On the day that the awards were announced, she took a moment to comment on the success for Erewash Sound.  She added: “Getting the opportunity to contact this year’s winners was so exciting!  I’d like to offer my sincere congratulations to all this year’s winners, and we can’t wait to see what you do next!”

Earlier this year, when nominations were announced, she described media as a highly captivating, and transformative industry that plays a significant role in global communication and said: "It is an immense source of knowledge and conveys important influences on shaping society and corporate market trends. As the Covid-19 pandemic has continued, it has accelerated many trends within this sector and has ultimately created upcoming changes as digital has become the way forward.

"We are proud to announce the Media Innovator Awards 2021 which aims to acknowledge those prestigious businesses, and individuals who have excelled within the industry.  The awards programme actively welcomes all businesses, enterprises and professionals, from print media, to broadcasting and social media, amongst numerous other areas, to get involved with this valuable opportunity.

2021 forecasts a rise in direct-to-customer streaming services for the media industry, as well as major technology platforms expanding their presence in gaming, leading to new mergers and investments. The Media Innovator Awards 2021 are important in recognising those who show their hard work by keeping up with these rapid changes.

Once votes for the Media Innovator Awards were received, a research team carefully judged the nominees based on merit (not the number of votes) and various other criteria through information available both online and in the public domain, including any materials supplied by the nominees.

The successful organisations were then presented with their award and complementary marketing materials seen as invaluable in a PR portfolio in publicising their win.  Nominees were also given the option to be featured in an annual winners’ magazine with a worldwide circulation of 155,000 readers, alongside the choice of several other personalised marketing items.

To learn more about these illustrious winners, and to find out the secrets behind their success, please visit this website.

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