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Published on: Thursday, 26th August 2021
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The SME News Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

Following the receipt of the 'Best Local Commercial Radio Station' in the East Midlands award in the Midlands Enterprise Awards 2019, Erewash Sound is in the running for another honour in the 2021 SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Northern Enterprise Awards.

Northern England has proven to be an ideal region for a variety of businesses from traditional industries to cutting-edge enterprises, all of whom are welcome to compete for the chance to be recognised as the best within their sector, market, or industry.

Awards executive Gabrielle Ellis recently wrote to Erewash Sound to advise that the radio station has been put forward as a potential nominee within the Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 courtesy of SME News in recognition of what has been described as "outstanding work" by the entire team.

Those who are successful in these awards are considered to be amongst the best that the area has to offer.  Gabrielle said: "SME News base awards on merit, ensuring every company has an equal chance to gain the recognition they deserve.  This award also provides its victors a chance to reach a new pool of potential clients and helps to raise the company profile."

The radio station is already awaiting news on a 2021 nomination for the Media Innovator Awards 2021 as selected by Corporate Vision Magazine and expects to receive further news on that in October.  It is not currently known when the nominations will be confirmed and awards made from the SME News round.

Ian Perry is the Press and Media Officer for Erewash Sound.  Speaking on this latest nomination, he said: "We very much welcome this latest news that we may reach a nomination list for another SME News award, around two years after we were last honoured.  Many people would be right to assume that Erewash Sound is just another radio station, however, that could not be further from the truth.  With a team of experienced volunteers and a wide range of skills, Erewash Sound has been broadcasting to the borough on a full-time basis since 2010 and can trace its roots back further to 2005, all on a non-profit making, community orientated basis.  

Any nominations and awards received reflect the sheer level of effort made by everyone involved to provide a truly dedicated local radio service that we know is appreciated across the area.  We look forward to hearing more from SME News as to whether we have been selected as a nominee. Who knows?  Perhaps we can secure another award to add to the many already collected."

At the start of 2017 small businesses alone accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses, making the sector the beating heart of the UK economy.  An SME is a small or medium-sized enterprise.  Typically, they are defined as having fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of less than €50 million according to the EU.

SMEs may be overlooked by mainstream business awards for recognition despite their often innovative and creative achievements and their power to truly disrupt their industry. SME News understand the significance of this sector of businesses and each year host SME awards aimed at specific regions or industries looking to showcase some of the key players for doing great things.

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