Future of Stanton Ilkeston FC 'in jeopardy' due to coal mining legacy

Published on: Saturday, 6th February 2016

Officials at a local community football club have launched a plea for help after its future was plunged into doubt due to a funding issue.

Stanton Ilkeston Football Club management were called to a so called 'crisis' meeting by the FA in January, which could now put a community project in jeopardy due to a coal mining legacy.

To obtain planning permission for development work at the site, it has been suggested that an intrusive site investigation is needed, to confirm the extent of remnants of old coal mine workings - the cost of this work has been estimated at £15,000, and could possibly mean extra money having to be spent on treating existing workings.

The football club operates at grass roots level, and is run entirely by volunteeres for the benefit of the local community, meaning funds are already hard to secure. The club was given a fundraising target of 10% of the total project costs - some £60,000, by the FA to secure it The club has already paid out £16,000 in fees and administration costs whilst £24,000 has already been raised with a further £20,000 plesdged or planned to be raised in the first quarter of 2016. However, the club now needs public help to ensure that the project happens.

Chairman Rob Kirk said that the coal mining industry seemed able to relinquish all responsibilities of the devastation they have left behind, but sought clarity from the public as to whether there was any route towards retrospectively claiming from the remains of dwindling fossil fuel sector. He added that the throught of £600,000 not being invested into Ilkeston, the borough of Erewash and on County Council land made him feel extremely sad.

The Stanton Ilkeston FC Community Project commenced at a presentation to the FA in December 2013 - some two years ago. At present, the project will be funded through the FA, the Football Foundation, Sport England, WREN, NHS and other external sponsors plus the football club itself.

For more information, visit www.stantonilkestonfc.co.uk

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