General Election Candidates for mid-Derbyshire 2024 covering Erewash

Published on: Friday, 7th June 2024
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The Mid Derbyshire Constituency

5pm on Friday 7th June saw the announcement of the candidates standing in the mid-Derbyshire constituency (which covers the south-west and west of the Erewash borough) for the 2024 General Election - polling day set for July 4th.

They are:

  • Jonathan Peter Tom Davies (Labour)
  • Stephen Dean (Reform UK)
  • Luke Gardiner (Conservative and Unionist Party)
  • Barry Holliday (Liberal Democrats)
  • Gez Kinsella (Green Party)
  • Josiah Uche (Workers Party of Great Britain)
  • Sue Warren (Independent)
Mid Derbyshire 2024 candidate

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