Green Cross Code to be be updated; schoolchildren to recieve augmented reality teaching on road safety

Published on: Thursday, 18th July 2019

The Department for Transport (DfT) is investing £200,000 over the next two years in part to roll out Augmented Reality (AR) road safety teaching resources and research for schools, to bring the green cross code into the 21st Century.

Road Safety GB have used DfT funding to develop a world-first safety App – Arility – that allow pupils to run through road safety scenarios in lessons, helping them to improve their road safety knowledge and skills.

The resources will test children on a range of common scenarios, including how to use a pedestrian crossing, retrieving a ball from the road, and how to cross the road with a bike.

Transport Minister Michael Ellis said: “Road safety is a priority for this Department. It is vital that we find new ways to make sure young people learn about and are interested in road safety.  This exciting project will help schools deliver engaging lessons for pupils, and I’m delighted to hear that it’s already having a positive effect in its trial runs.”

Trials have already begun in Warwickshire, where Westgate Primary School is using the technology, with teachers saying it is a fun and interesting way to engage children in important road safety matters.  The full roll out of the tools will be available from 2nd September 2019 – the start of the next school year – on Road Safety’s website.

Executive Director of Road Safety GB, Alan Kennedy, said: “The resource will be made available to every primary and junior school in the UK and therefore millions of children will have the opportunity to be involved in this new learning experience.”

“Road Safety teams in local government offices across the UK will present Arility to children in their local schools, opening up many future opportunities to work with teachers and young children and enhancing child road safety across the UK.”

Alongside investment in AR teaching, Road Safety GB’s funding will allow them to conduct research that will clearly show what 4-11 year olds need to learn when it comes to road safety.

The funding comes ahead of the publication of the ‘Road Safety Statement 2019: A Lifetime of Road Safety’ document.

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