Guests, presenters, and surprises as we head back to our launch site with Richdale Sofas

Published on: Friday, 6th March 2020

There was a special day of programming on Saturday 7th March as we began celebrating ten years with you, sponsored by Ron Brooks Toyota in Ilkeston.

From 6:00am through to 5:00pm, almost 12 hours of celebratory programming saw Erewash Sound head back to the site at which Erewash Sound was launched on 6th March 2010 - the now former Ilkeston Co-op Buildings in the the Market Place.

Supported by our friends at RIchdale Sofas, there were special guests dropping by to join us on the sofa in the store window whilst a range of presenters talked listeners through the day, interspersed with plenty of great songs and more besides.  David Smedley was the warm up man, bright and early from the studios from 6am, welcoming you into the day, whilst the switch was flicked at 8am to take you live to Ilkeston Town Centre, in store with David Allen with hourly changeovers from 10am to then include not one, but two radio station presenters.

The Erewash Sound bear was seen in-store, taking it easy in the shop window, and was also out and about handing out goodies from Stacey's Bakery including gingerbread men and station merchandise.

Erewash Sound - celebrating ten years with you (with Ron Brooks Toyota in Ilkeston) at RIchdale Sofas, Wharncliffe Road, Ilkeston.

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