Ilkeston Prince's Trust worker in appeal for donations to assist with local project

Published on: Saturday, 1st May 2021

A student on the WCG Prince's Trust team programme in Ilkeston has issued an appeal for donations to assist with work in the area.

Thomas Marshall is one of the team working through a 12 week programme and, as part of the fundraising, has been designated tasks and in particular, has been given the role of Media Representative too. 

The challenge is to renovate a Garden 61 in Cotmanhay with the aims to provide nature and therapy for people of ages 6-12 years and wellbeing to 12–18 years old while giving back to the local area.

He has called on members of the public to donate left over water-based garden paints to the Reception at West Park Leisure Centre, Rutland Sports Centre and Victoria Park Leisure Centre.

As part of the drive, a duck race is being held on 5th May at the Nutbrook Trail behind Pewit Golf Clubhouse.  You could be in with a chance of winning £20 by purchasing a duck for £2.  The sheet is in Victoria Park Leisure Centre Reception and you can choose from numbers 1 - 97.   If you would like to help, please contact Team Leader Jane Sandall on 07825380623.

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