Labour claim borough council staged 'secret' meeting about leisure centre privatisation

Published on: Thursday, 15th November 2018

A Labour party spokesperson for the Erewash borough has issued a statement after the Conservative controlled borough council finalised plans to privatise its leisure centres at a closed meeting on Thursday 8th November.

Under the plans a private company will take over the leisure centres throughout Erewash. Current prices have only been guaranteed for the next six months and there are no plans to limit price rises for centre users.

West Park Leisure Centre will see the majority of new investment, whilst the statement released by the Labour Party said that Victoria and Rutland Sports Park will only receive one third of the planned total and suggested that the Council will be forced to make support staff redundant as it hands over the service.
Leader of the Labour Group Councillor James Dawson said, “The fact that this has predominantly taken place behind closed doors under the auspices of “commercially sensitive “ is abysmal, residents deserve to know why this proposal was on the cards and have a say.  It’s shocking that as prices are only guaranteed for 6 months they could increase and exclude many low income earners from using the facilities and the council admitted last night, that they hadn’t even taken this into consideration.”
Shadow Finance spokesman Councillor Alex Phillips, “We understand that savings need to be made, but the Council has had 4 years to get its finances in order and yet suddenly it needs to save £2 million. It has failed to plan for the future and now residents in Erewash are paying the price. Under this Conservative council residents are paying more but getting less!”  


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