On-line church services: All Saints and St. Mary's - Sawley

Published on: Monday, 13th April 2020

All Saints and St Mary’s churches, Sawley, are carrying on with a programme of church services online during the lockdown for Covid-19.

Each Sunday a worship service is available to join on their website, complete with a downloadable order of service.   The church is also filming regular Wednesday morning prayer.

Anyone who would like prayers for themselves, family and friends at this anxious time can request prayer anonymously via the website.

Rector Tony Street said: "There has been a parish church in Sawley for more than a thousand years, and over those years the church has been there for local people through all sorts of national crises."

The church website is at www.parishofsawley.co.uk .

Follow on Twitter: @parishofsawley

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