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Published on: Monday, 30th March 2020
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As residents of the borough continue to tackle the impact of restrictions on daily life due to the Coronavirus, those same residents, particularly Erewash Sound listeners, are being asked to consider making a donation to help cover costs of providing a much-valued local radio service throughout the pandemic and beyond and, additionally, by signing up to a website that pays commission for items that need to be bought on line.

Erewash Sound is a non-profit making community interest company run largely by volunteers and provides free-to-air publicity for non-profit making community groups, charities and other similar organisations, as well as paid-for commercial airtime for local businesses and opportunities for young people to learn potentially life-changing new skills through an NCFE-accredited Academy.

Donate the price of a saved 'coffee' or 'sandwich'

However, as local businesses continue to feel the pinch of the Coronavirus through site closures and reduced footfall, and as more residents are required to stay at home, Station Manager Jeff Martin appealed to local residents to show their appreciation for the radio station by donating what might usually be the cost of a round of drinks at the pub, a few gallons of fuel or even working day lunches or coffee breaks. for example, through a newly-created 'LocalGiving' page.

He said: "Although we have ambitious plans for the future including launching a second transmitter, the day-to-day costs of keeping equipment and utilities running in the meantime, are considerable. 

We have set up a 'LocalGiving' page and hope that supporters, including those unable to work due to requirements to stay home, will consider gifting small elements of what they might ordinarily spend in a working day or week for example to help cover some of those costs.  A little really can mean a lot when collected together!".

"We know that so many people appreciate our service, including the breadth and depth of information delivered each day, and that the scores of community groups and organisations and charities benefit from free publicity and increased awareness. 

Although there are a number of charities needing help at this time, we also need to do what we can to ensure that we continue to provide our valued services in the short, medium and long term.  We'd like to thank everyone in advance for their understanding and support."

Support us when you shop on line!

Members of the public can also show support by signing up to 

Whilst the radio station fully encourages residents to shop locally wherever possible, those buying items through a range of on-line retailers, particularly necessarily during the nationwide shut-down of so many businesses, can nominate Erewash Sound as a beneficiary of separate commission-based payments at various rates paid by the vendor or merchant.

Apps can be freely-downloaded to tablets, mobiles and web browsers, the latter offering reminders where a particular website can offer benefits to the radio station, with all transactions appearing as normal but carried out via a web portal. 

You'll even be able to see how you're doing along with other station supporters to add a little bit of friendly competition!   Contact us if you'd like some help or have any questions!

Thank you!

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