Local activist advises MPs on Renters Reform Bill

Published on: Friday, 17th November 2023
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Pet activist Jennifer Berezai, who runs Long Eaton-based AdvoCATS and Senior Consultant Mia.

A representative from Long Eaton-based pets charity AdvoCATS has provided oral evidence to the House of Commons Committee considering amendments to the Renters Reform Bill currently going through parliamentary process.

“I was honoured to be given the opportunity to discuss sensible ways to improve the number of pet friendly rentals in England,” said AdvoCATS co-founder Jennifer Berezai.

One of the most important pieces of legislation for the private rental sector in 30 years, the Bill being scrutinised by the parliamentary committee, is intended to ban Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions to protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords refusing to rent properties to people who receive benefits or have children, while also strengthening the landlord’s legitimate grounds for taking back their property.

As the proposals include giving tenants more rights to keep pets in rental accommodation, the committee was interested in hearing the AdvoCATS representative’s views on a change in the law that would prevent landlords having blanket bans on pets, but also offer them a way of protecting their interests.

“It was very gratifying to see that one of the key proposals from our Heads for Tails! campaign, to allow a landlord to stipulate pet damage insurance is held, was included in the proposed legislation,” said Jen Berezai.

At the meeting in the House of Commons the AdvoCATS founder addressed concerns about landlords letting to pet owners, the availability of property pet insurance, and the risk of discrimination against pet owners. The nature of Head Leases, which exist on many flats and apartment developments, was also highlighted by Mrs Berezai, as if they contain a ‘No pets’ clause that would be considered a reasonable excuse to refuse pets, along with the need for a significant awareness campaign for such leases among the tenant community.

AdvoCATS is a voluntary non-profit organisation based in Long Eaton, Derbyshire that offers free support and advice to landlords and tenants, assisting pet owners who have difficulty finding rental accommodation.

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