Long Eaton supermarket helps customers save a collective £4.2m on grocery shopping bills

Published on: Friday, 20th May 2022

A redistribution-based supermarket which has a branch in Long Eaton has reported helping its members to collectively save more than £4.2m on their grocery shopping over the last 12 months. 

With the cost-of-living crisis severely impacting families across the town and borough, the business has expressed its collective pride in offering continuing support to families on means tested benefits, as well as key workers through their pricing system on surplus products.

Company Shop sells heavily discounted but already marketed items from other supermarkets, brands and manufacturers which are deemed surplus but in date and suitable to eat, use or wear but may have minor defects such as misaligned labelling or seasonal packaging.

By redistributing these surplus products, the firm has also prevented almost 2,000 tonnes of surplus from being needlessly thrown away during the past year.

Figures were released as part of the group’s annual Sustainability Report which showed that it handled an incredible 98m surplus products and prevented over 34,000 tonnes of food and drink from going to waste – the equivalent of more than 82m meals.

Linda Bunkle, Store Manager, said: “The increasing cost-of-living is impacting thousands of families in Long Eaton and we’re proud to be helping them to continue to eat well and save a significant amount on their weekly shopping bill.

“To have helped our members save over £4.2m on their shopping is a phenomenal achievement, even more so when you consider that all the products they purchased may have ended up in the bin. Our members are also helping to save the planet as well, with almost 2,000 tonnes of food and drink stopped from waste.”

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