Maggie Throup: Statement: Brexit Update 13th March

Published on: Thursday, 14th March 2019

Borough MP Maggie Throup has issued a statement to clarify her position following the vote by Parliament on Tuesday 12th March to reject the Withdrawal Agreement, Political Declaration and Joint Interpretative Instrument as negotiated by Her Majesty's Government.

Mrs Throup said: "At every opportunity I have consistently voted to enact the will of the majority of my Constituents to leave the European Union, as expressed in the 2016 Referendum.

Whilst I continue to believe that leaving the European Union with the current deal would be the best outcome for the Untied Kingdom, it is clear that this view does not command a majority in the House of Commons.

Therefore, in order to fulfil the manifesto pledge on which I was elected in June 2017 and to do my utmost to ensure that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union on Friday 29th March 2019, I will today vote in favour of retaining the option to leave the European Union without a deal.

On a personal note, given the concerns expressed by the House of Commons about the Withdrawal Agreement in its current form, and more specifically with regards to the Irish Backstop arrangement, it is deeply disappointing that the European Union has so far been unable to negotiate a compromise that is acceptable to Parliament, which has now led to this regrettable state of affairs."

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