Maggie Throup: Statement: Brexit Update 14th March

Published on: Friday, 15th March 2019

Borough MP Maggie Throup continues to keep Constituents up to date with her position over the UK exit from the European Union and has issued a further statement.

Mrs Throup said that to remain true to her Constituents, the majority of whom she said voted to leave in the 2016 Referendum, she said that she would vote against an extension to Article 50 of the Treaty Of Europe on Thursday 14th March.

She continued by saying: "Regardless of the vote in Parliament last night, the default position in both Domestic and International law currently remains unchanged; the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on Friday 29th March 2019 with or without a deal.  In my view, voting against an extension to Article 50 is now the only way I can play my part to ensure the United Kingdom leaves the European Union as intended on Friday 29th March 2019."

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