Make food go further this Summer plus a chance to win £100 from DCC (deadline: 31st August)

Published on: Tuesday, 23rd July 2019

School’s out and summer’s here – which means the perfect excuse to get out in the Derbyshire countryside. 

But before you reach for your picnic blanket, check out Derbyshire County Council’s top five tips for keeping your pack-up fresh and reduce the amount of food ending up in the bin.

It’s all part of the county council’s campaign “50 ways to make your food go further” which includes a chance to win £100 in shopping vouchers towards your weekly shop.

Councillor Simon Spencer, Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, said: “Nearly 20% of the food we buy is wasted.  That’s like throwing away one bag of shopping out of every five bought – costing the average household around £70 each month.

“And there's a further cost for getting rid of it.  Around a third of the waste Derbyshire households throw in their non-recycling bin is food – more than 57,000 tonnes – costing council tax-payers £7.46 million a year in disposal costs.

“That’s why we’re running our campaign “50 ways to make food go further” to help keep more money in your pocket and cut down the cost of dealing with food which households in Derbyshire throw away.”

Visit to take part in the competition to win the £100 prize by completing a quick online quiz aimed at helping people to cut the amount of food they waste.  Check out the A to Z guide on the website too full of quick tips and brilliant tricks to make your food last longer, reduce your food waste and save you money, or pick up a copy from your local library.

Top tips for packing a picnic:

  • Cool boxes and bags are great for helping picnics to stay fresh but if you don’t have a cool pack try freezing a bottle of water instead
  • Try making your sandwiches with frozen bread. They will defrost in time for your picnic and stay extra fresh
  • Pack a few extra airtight containers before leaving the house.   Leftovers keep much better in a container rather than left to go soggy in their packets. If you haven’t got room for tubs pack a few bag clips instead.
  • Help prevent cheese from sweating by grating it frozen to your salads or sandwiches
  • Take fruit and salad items whole as they keep longer than when they're cut up.

Competition terms and conditions apply.  Closing date 31 August 2018.

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