New Erewash Sound frequency will boost reception across the borough

Published on: Thursday, 1st October 2020
Jeff Martin
Paul Stacey

Erewash Sound has been the local radio station for the borough for the past ten years but from 12th October, the station is set for a makeover.

The most exciting change will be that the station will have a second frequency on 103.5 FM to provide better coverage across Erewash.  This means that the station will be heard on both the pre-existing frequency of 96.8FM as well as on 103.5FM.

Station Manager Jeff Martin said: “We have been lobbying OFCOM from day one for more power and a second frequency and now, it’s going to happen.  Like many businesses, Erewash Sound has struggled in these difficult times, and it looked, for a while at least, that the new frequency and transmitter would have to be put on hold.

The investment in the equipment to put a second frequency on-air has cost around £16,000 and we were not sure that we were going to be able to afford it.  However, I was both surprised and delighted when someone who really values the station and the work of the Erewash Sound Academy, donated the money for the second frequency to come to fruition.  For someone to do that, means so much to our team of volunteers.”

There will be a fresh new sound from October 12th as Erewash Sound will have a bright new jingle package.  What won’t change though is the commitment of the station to provide a great mix of music and lots of local information, news and interviews.

“We are really proud of our local status” Jeff enthused.  “Our local presenters are all just as passionate about delivering a fantastic local radio service as I am.

Local Radio Day is where local radio stations celebrate all that is good about real local radio and so, it was an obvious choice to launch our second transmitter and improve our service to listeners from that date.”

Changes to the radio industry mean that there is now less and less real local radio around with stations networking their broadcasts from London, Manchester and Birmingham.  Erewash Sound is an award-winning radio station right on your doorstep.

During this difficult year, the number of local people listening to Erewash Sound on-line alone has increased by 78%.   “This shows that local radio is as relevant as ever” Jeff said.

“We are certainly never complacent though – there is a lot of radio out there.  Apart from the great music and local information, there is also a lot of fun on the station with presenters encouraged to have a personality and be creative.  There are often really good prizes to be won, like three months of gym membership at Curves in Ilkeston.

“Paul Stacey, our breakfast show presenter, has been waking up Erewash for several years now and has a real rapport with his listeners, whether it is teasing them with his vital statistics feature or playing his ‘Windy Pops’ track”

From 12th October, the new Erewash Sound tag-line will be “Love Music, Love Erewash”.  Jeff said: “I think that, over the last 10 years, we have proved that we love music and we certainly love Erewash”.

For more information about Erewash Sound, visit or @erewashsound on social media sites – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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