Ockbrook Redhill WI report for January 2019

Published on: Thursday, 31st January 2019

As ever, Erewash Sound is pleased to present the latest round up of news from the Ockbrook Redhill branch of the Wi.  Susan Maclaine reports

For our first meeting of the year we had a most interesting evening as four of our members described key events in their lives.

Christine and Phil gave a glimpse of social history and family life showing how times and attitudes have changed since their childhood. Their stories covered the issues of adoption, bereavement and the social stigma towards a young single pregnant woman; especially the heartbreak when her six week old baby was taken away from her. Both of them shared examples of how sensitive subjects were concealed from them in their early lives.

Anita and Glenys talked about their education and early family life in different countries and how their lives have radically altered during their careers. Both have been very successful, holding senior positions caring for patients in hospitals. One a consultant Gynaecologist the other as a Senior Director in Occupational Therapy. They each showed how your passion and hard work can lead to a very satisfying life .We were really grateful to all our speakers for sharing their lives and it shows how diverse the membership of the WI is.


  • NEXT MEETING: 7:30pm: 11th March: Moravian Lecture Hall, Ockbrook. Lynda Raven will speak about 'Sight Support' whilst the competition has the theme 'A pair of glasses' - all welcome.
  • PRODUCE EVENING: 7:30pm: 18th March: Parish Hall, Ockbrook: Spicy Patty, Flatbreads and Dips
  • CRAFT EVENING: 7.30pm: 15th April: Parish Hall  Ockbrook: £1 for members and £2 for non members.

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