Online learning suspended at Kirk Hallam CVA after reported "cyber attack"

Published on: Wednesday, 3rd March 2021

On-line learning has been suspended at Kirk Hallam Community Academy along with a number of other sites which are part of the Nova Education Trust after what has been described as a 'cyber attack' took place.

A statement released by the Trust said the attack had been "sophisticated" and had resulted in "unauthorised access to the IT infrastructure".   It led to access points including the Trust website to be unavailable as all precautions were put into place after the incident.

The attack is understood to have been reported to the Department for Education, as well as other official bodies including the Information Commissioner's Office and The National Cyber Security Centre.

Incorporated in mid-May 2011, The Nova Education Trust, which is based in Nottingham, as part of the University, oversees as many as fifteen sites, mostly in Nottinghamshire, but with one in Leicestershire and with the only other site being the borough site in Kirk Hallam.

It is not yet known when on-line learning will resume at its various sites.

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