Parents and other interested parties stage bid to save Ockbrook Moravian School

Published on: Thursday, 17th June 2021

Talks are underway to try and save Ockbrook School.

Last week, it was announced that the private school will close next month as it is no longer financially viable. There are more than 250 children and a hundred staff at the school, but a small group of parents are holding talks with trustees and their advisors to try and produce a rescue plan.

Piers Bostock is a grandparent involved in the talks.  He said: "We have got some serious backing coming to us. Some of the parents themselves are able to contribute and we have a plan which we can demonstrate to the Trustees that will recover the school."

Meanwhile, a group of dads say that they have costed a coherent plan to save the Moravian School from closure.  One of those involved, Ed Pooley, says that they have been overwhelmed by the support of parents and staff. He said: "All of this really is culminating in what is really a group of dads who have got together using their expertise, their business skills to the point where we are now able to present a very coherent, costed, workable plan to take it out of this situation.

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