Poppy appeal collection box stolen

Published on: Wednesday, 6th November 2019

A Poppy Appeal organiser from Stanley has expressed his disgust after the theft of a collection box from a village shop.

Terry Hall said that the box, which normally has over £200 in it, was taken by two men along with a small amount of money left separately for staff in tips ahead of the festive season.

The theft has left shop owners distraught and staff equally badly affected.  Mr. Hall said: "It is so sad given the enthusiasm and support this retail outlet gives to our village and all at the shop are so supportive to Poppy Appeal"

Mr Hall criticised Police who he said appeared "uninterested" but clarified his stance by saying that they did not have the resources to investigate.  He added that the descriptions of the thieves are known to shop owners, adding that they did not speak English.  The incident occurred at around 3pm on Monday 4th November.   Mr. Hall expressed concern and issued a warning that the box might now be used to fraudulently collect money.

He emphasised that genuine Poppy Appeal collectors carry an ID Card or authorisation ticket, which would not be held by the thieves.

Mr Hall said: "I am totally disgusted that low life people such as this can steal not only Poppy Appeal Money in aid of our Armed Forces who have served and are suffering as a consequence to enable freedom to people such as this, and am appalled that with a predominately older population has donated money to be stolen for personal gain.  

The Poppy Box stolen has this year’s Orange Label on it of PA 261895 and many people put notes in and last remembrance period they had collected a total of £237.89 in the shop and café, which was an annual average figure as normal.  Steps will be taken in future to undertake interim emptying of the boxes I am responsible for, making more work for volunteers, but with no police deterrent action we law abiding citizens pay the price of ‘Lawless Britain Today’

I have submitted a claim to the Poppy Appeal Insurance Dept and as the local PAO can only apologise that the owners and the staff have been put through this trauma and on behalf of Poppy Appeal can only thank them for all the sterling support and service they give not only to this Charity. but the service they provide to this village and community, and though I have been advised in this day of political correctness scum like this can not be referred to in a truthful descriptive manner than Scum, I feel that as 52 years a Poppy Appeal Supporter and collector, and 30 years a Serviceman in the Royal Navy I can think of no other polite description of this Low Life."

Anyone with any information about the theft should call Derbyshire Police on the non-emergency number 101 quoting reference 19*590023.

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