Preparation begins for the return of Time Swap

Published on: Thursday, 15th September 2022

A unique community scheme in which individuals offer their skills to help in return for those from others, is to return in the New Year after Derbyshire County Council awarded the responsibility for the Time Swap initiative to South Derbyshire CVS.

A spokesperson for the authority said that officials submitted a very credible application and that there was excitement at anticipating the resurrection of Time Swap and having it back up and running again.

The CVS group is expected to need a couple of months to carry out relevant preparatory work to mobilise the project once more, including the recruitment of new staff and through contacting existing members, meaning that the scheme is not expected to resume until early 2023.

SDCVS have created four Time Swap Development roles and one admin/Time Swap support role covering the entire county, including Erewash.

The jobs are now all live on indeed.
•    Time Swap Development Officer (South Derbyshire and Erewash)
•    Time Swap Development Officer (Amber Valley and Derbyshire Dales)
•    Time Swap Support and Admin Assistant (Derbyshire)

An e-bulletin is available by clicking here.

Time Swap (also known as time banking) is an initiative where members of the community are encouraged to ‘swap’ an hour of their time to help somebody else. This could range from helping with gardening, to I.T skills, to guitar lessons - the sky is the limit! By giving an hour of their time, a member of the community earns back an hour which they can spend doing something they want to - like learning a new skill or receiving help from another member. Time earned can also be donated to other members. Time swap is completely flexible, free, enjoyable and rewarding.

Time Swap or Timebanking groups already operate in many parts of the UK and abroad. They make a huge positive impact to the lives of the individuals involved and the communities in which they live.

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