Public information during the Coronavirus

Published on: Friday, 11th September 2020

This page was last updated at 1035 on 11th September.
Erewash Sound brings you a round up of what matters most during the pandemic as your genuinely local radio station.

BAN ON SOCIAL GATHERINGS:  On the evening of 8th September, the Government announced that social gatherings of more than six people will be illegal in England from Monday 14th September, albeit with with some exemptions.  This is due to a reported significant rise in the number of coronavirus cases, particularly amongst 20-30 year olds.   A change in the law will prevent large groups from meeting anywhere socially, both indoors and outdoors, but schools and workplaces are exempt along with weddings, funerals and organised sports events that have virus secure procedures in place.   Households and support bubbles of more than six people are unaffected.  More information is expected on Wednesday 9th September, but the new legislation is expected to be rigourously enforced. 

PRIME MINISTER'S STATEMENT: 13th August: The Prime Minister announced that bowling alleys, skating rinks, casinos and soft play centres could reopen from Saturday 15th August.  Certain beauty treatments previously prohibited (such as facials, eye-brow threading, eye-lash treatments, make-up applications and microblading) can resume, whilst wedding receptions (in the form of sit-down meals for up to 30 guests only) can be held, and live indoor performances (including theatre and music etc.) can also restart but with socially distanced audiences.   Nightclubs and discos remain closed at this time.

There will also be a resumption in the pilots of attendances by the public to a small number of sporting events, starting with snooker in Sheffield.   All resumptions DO NOT apply in areas where local lockdowns have been applied.

Hairdressers will be required to wear facemasks and visors, as do persons operating in homes, such as massage therapists for example, and those learning in vocational training environments.

FACE COVERINGS:  From Friday 24th July, face coverings are now compulsory for customers visiting all enclosed spaces in England.  This includes shops, supermarkets, shopping centres, bus and train stations and other transport interchanges, banks and takeaways.  The Government is hoping that the public will play their part by complying and avoiding any need for enforcement or difficult situations for police and staff whatsoever.  Police will be able to "use force" to remove customers from shops if they do not wear a mask.  Offenders could face a fine for not wearing a mask as required and the extent of fines is constantly under review and subject to increase.   Coverings should cover both the nose and mouth.  Whilst surgical style masks are more widespread, a scarf or bandana is deemed suitable.  Face coverings can be temporarily removed in instances where it is necessary to prove identification..  Exemptions apply to children under 11, those with disabilities or certain health conditions such as respiratory or cognitive impairments that might make it difficult for them to wear a form of face covering.      

Masks will not be required in locations with appropriate safety measures.  This includes eat-in restaurants, pubs, hairdressers and salons, gyms and leisure centres, cinemas, concert halls and theatres and museums/galleries and other similar attractions.   Visit for more details on wearing face coverings and where they do NOT need to be worn.    Hairdressers will be required to wear facemasks and visors, as do persons operating in homes, such as massage therapists for example, and those learning in vocational training environments.

LATEST NHS CORONAVIRUS INFORMATION: Derbyshire residents can get the latest NHS Covid-19 information while staying safe at home with the launch of a new online hub.   A one-stop shop of latest updates, advice, information and direct ‘signposting’ to other helpful websites has been added to the Joined Up Care Derbyshire hub at is more on this story on our website..

COVID 19 INFECTION DATA AT LOCAL LEVEL: Derbyshire County Council is now reporting Covid infection rates at local level following the release of new information from Public Health England.  The data, updated weekly on Derbyshire County Council’s website at covers the number of weekly cases in Derbyshire, the number of cases in different age groups and the rate of infection in each district since the beginning of February.  More information can be viewed on our website.

VOLUNTEER FOR VACCINE STUDIES & TRIALS PROGRAMME: To find out more about this, and to volunteer, visit this link.  

SOCIAL DISTANCING: The 2m social distancing rule in England was halved to one metre from Saturday 4th July 2020.  It allowed pubs, cafes and restaurants to reopen provided that they are COVID-secure.  Cinemas, theatres and concert halls were also able to reopen (but with NO live performances) plus hotels, bed and breakfasts, holliday cottages, campsites and caravan parks, and museums, but again, as long as they are COVID-secure   People can now stay away from home overnight.  Outdoor gyms were also able to reopen from 4th July.

Hospitality venues are limited to table service and contact between staff and customers is also to be limited.  Libraries, museums and galleries, community centres, and bingo halls can open along with funfairs and theme parks, amusement arcades, outdoor skating rinks, children's playgrounds, indoor leisure centres, social clubs and model villages. 

Businesses are asked to help by avoiding face-to-face seating by changing office layouts, reducing the number of people in enclosed spaces, improving ventilation, using protective screens and face coverings, closing non-essential social spaces, providing hand sanitiser, changing shift times so that staff work in set teams.

Two households of any size can meet indoors OR outside.  This does not have to be the same set of households, but the Government does not recommend meetings of multiple houses indoors because of the risk of infection.   Outdoors, people from multiple households can meet in groups of six from multiple households, but two households can meet with up to 30 persons outdoors.  

But the Prime Minister told the House Of Commons that people should still take precautions.  He said: "Where it is possible to keep two metres apart, people should.  But where it is not, we would advise people to keep a social dstance of 1 metre PLUS, meaning that they should remain one metre apart whilst taking mitigations to reduce the risk of transmission."..

  • People who have concerns about social distancing guidance not being followed at businesses can report these to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) or their district or borough council.  Guidance on where people can report the type of businesses they have concerns about can be found at
  • Advice for businesses: There is help, advice and support for businesses from a number of different sources, including trading standards, who are offering guidance on new regulations. This can be accessed for free by filling out a business advice form here:
  • There’s also a wealth of information and guidance for employers and employees from the Government, which people can see by going to: 

CLOSED SITES: (relevant to Government guidance) (this list is not exhaustive)

  • Conference centres
  • Doctors Surgeries:  Most are now closed for face to face appointments.  Government advice if you have either a high temperature or a new continuous cough is to stay at home and DO NOT go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.  You do NOT need to contact NHS 111 to tell them that you are staying at home.
  • Nightclubs
  • Residents who are concerned about non licensed business premises being open when they shouldn’t be can contact Consumer Advice Citizens Services and they will pass the details on to trading standards officers. They can do this by going to:
  • Concerns about licensed business premises being open when they shouldn’t should be directed to the relevant district or borough council.


  • Advice for businesses: There is help, advice and support for businesses from a number of different sources, including trading standards, who are offering guidance on new regulations. This can be accessed for free by filling out a business advice form here:   See also 'Business rates', 'Business support' and 'Employers: support' below
  • Alzheimers Society face-to-face and group services have been suspended.  Telephony support is being made available (0333 150 3456) or visit
  • Baptisms/Christenings etc.: These can be held from July 4th providing that appropriate steps are taken to minimise risks.  Church of England information for the clergy can be viewed here.
  • Basketball: Basketball England have confirmed that affiliated activity should cease for the remainder of the 2019/20 season.
  • Befriending Mental Health Support: a safe, confidential e-mail support scheme is avaiable with your Befriender providing a minimum check in twice a week and avaiable over a 6-9 month mentoring relationship with an expert by experience.  The service seeks to benefit those with no confidential space to talk, those not open with mental health issues with their families, those in self-isolation with increasing anxiety and those with wi-fi signals rendered by multiple devices.   The practical support of mentoring may be easier to manage online rather than therapeutic video support.  Visit for more information.
  • Births: You should continue to register births - check with your local registry office for the most appropriate way to do this.
  • Blood: Sessions for giving blood are still operating and centres are still open, but donors are asked to follow the latest advice at, the app and advice from the Government.  The situation is regularly being reviewed and work is ongoing with the relevant Departments and the UK's other blood donation services.  To make an appointment, or find out more information, call 0300 123 2323. download the NHS Give Blood app or visit   Visit this link for more information.
  • Business rates: Erewash Borough Council is processing applications from business rate payers affected by the financial impact of the coronavirus, for Government funding of either £10,000 or up to £25,000.  Details on this story can be viewed here.  See also 'Employers: support' below
  • Business support: Erewash Borough Council is administering the distribution of funding to support local small businesses during the coronavirus outbreak with figures ranging from £2,000 to £25,000.  A third round of discretionary funding is open until July 24th.  There is more on our website.    See also 'Employers: support' below.
  • Business support:  Businesses who are tenants of Derbyshire County Council will be given the opportunity to defer up to three months of their monthly rent payment in a move to give them some relief during the coronavirus crisis.   The rent deferral will cover the months of April, May and June 2020 and the scheme then reviewed to see if it needs to be extended. The outstanding rent would be paid back over a period up to the end of March 2022.  There is more on our website.  See also 'Employers: support' below
  • Buses: trentbarton made its most significant return to pre-coronavirus levels of bus services from Sunday 23rd August 23,  with almost all routes back to normal.  Local services back to their pre-COVID full timetables from Sunday include the black cat and i4 as well as the the twos  Night buses are only running on routes that have 24 hour, seven day timetables.  The new timetables are at:
  • Carnivals:  Ilkeston Carnival has been described as 'postponed' by the new organisers, alhough an alternative date may be sought, whilst the Long Eaton Carnival was cancelled for 2020.
  • Car drivers/owners: Industry guidance from the RAC suggests that people are worried about their car batteries going flat because they aren't driving their car as much as usual.    But it has been suggested that simply starting a car occasionally isn’t likely to help and may end up draining a weak battery.   As the government advice is only to drive when essential, drivers will have to rely on these trips to keep their batteries healthy.  If you need to use your vehicle and it doesn’t start, you can still call your breakdown service, subject to the terms of your cover, i.e. you may need to ensure that you have 'home-start' cover etc.  If you have more than one car it’s probably best to alternate between them for your essential journeys so they both get used.   You should also consider driving the one with the older or weaker battery more often.

    If you keep your car in a garage, you may want to consider using a trickle charger which uses electricity to keep a battery charged. also gives the following tips:

    • Keep your car away from the elements – leaving an unused car out in the open is not a good idea, because the rain, wind and prolonged sun exposure will damage its bodywork.  Try to store the car in a garage or, at the very least, cover it with a weatherproof car cover.  If you are leaving your car in a garage, leave the windows open a little to allow the air to circulate.

    • Don’t leave the handbrake on – this may cause the brakes to fuse, particularly in cold or wet weather.   Instead, use a wheel chock (brick or piece of wood for example), to prevent the car from rolling away.  If you’re storing the car for more than three months, then consider raising the car off the ground by using blocks or stands. This will reduce the weight on the car’s tyres.

    • Keep it clean – any grime or mud left on the car before it goes into storage can cause damage to the paintwork and bodywork over time.  Clean the car thoroughly before putting it into storage – this also means the car will (hopefully) look as good as new when you come to use it again

    • Change the oil – if you’re leaving the car for an extended period of time, usually three months or more, carry out an oil and filter service, which you do yourself.  You can also buy and use oil and fuel additives that will stabilise the substances and prevent internal damage to the engine. It’s best to top up your fuel tank, too, leaving as little space as possible for condensation to contaminate the fuel.

    • Contrary to RAC advice, Whatcar suggests that you start the engine (but add that this is optional) but if you don’t want to put additives in your fuel system then consider starting the car every few weeks and running it for around 20 minutes.   This will circulate fuel and oil, and keep the engine lubricated.

    • Leave yourself a note – when you’re finished with your preparations, write yourself a note detailing the steps you’ve taken to ready your car for storage, and what you need to do to get it roadworthy again.

    • Make sure it's secure – if you can, park your car in your driveway or garage.  If you can't do this, try and park it in a secure, well-lit location where you can see it from your home, and turn the wheels towards the kerb to make a quick getaway harder.  Remove any valuables from the car and make sure it's locked before walking away.   A steering wheel lock can be a valuable deterrent to thieves if you'll be leaving your car on the street for an extended period of time.

  • Car parking: Erewash Borough Council reinstated car parking fees in ALL of their car parks including Long Eaton Railway Station Commuter Car Park as of July 1st.  The authority was due to implement revised fees from April 1st but this was subsequently deferred to September 1st.  Users should ensure that any trips are in line with Government instructions over social distancing..  Visit this link for full details of the reimplementaton of parking charges.  A full list of authority-owned car parks can be found here.
  • Charities: On Wednesday 8th April, Chancellor Rishi Sunack announced that charities across the UK will receive a £750 million package of support to ensure they can continue their vital work during the coronavirus outbreak.  Full details can be found at
  • Church services:
    • As of Saturday 4th July, places of worship can open for prayers and services and weddings can take place with up to 30 guests. Face coverings MUST be worn in places of worship from Saturday 8th August.
  • Citizens Advice Bureau: Face-to-face service temporarily closed.  Access available via telephone: 0300 456 8390 Monday to Friday 9am-4pm (call capacity has been increased).  For help to claim Universal Credit, call 0800 144 8444 Monday to Friday 8am-6pm.
  • Clothes recycling: Erewash Borough Council has issued a plea to residents having a wardrobe clear out to only do so if able to store items until the pandemic is over.  The message comes after it was revealed that the clothes banks (managed by third party charities) at recycling centres are full to capacity but are NOT currently being emptied.  Items have been dumped on the floor or even stuffed into nearby bottle banks.  Residents are being asked NOT to put recyclable items into black bins, and instead to think twice about creating additional waste and recycling for the time being.   There is more on this story on our website.  See also 'Recycling' below.
  • Community Equipment Return:  An urgent appeal has been made by the British Healthcare Trades Association for the return of beds and other items of equipment loaned through Community Equipment Services that are no longer in use. 

    Equipment providers have noticed a drop in returns of vital community equipment.  It is understandable that consumers may have concerns about contact with people from outside their household under social distancing rules, but it is vital that these items continue to be returned so patients can be discharged from hospital, to be cared for safely in their own homes.

    Community Equipment Providers understand consumers’ concerns.  They are using approved infection control procedures and enhanced PPE to protect those whose homes they visit, as well as their employees. Please help facilitate more NHS patient discharges and free up more vital bed spaces.  If you no longer need the items you have on-loan, contact your local equipment provider so that they can arrange to collect and recycle them.

    Contact details will be found on any paperwork left with you, or on a label on the equipment.   If you do not have access to this please search on your local and/or county council for ‘how to return equipment’ or for ‘Occupational therapy’.

  • Community Response Unit: Set up by Derbyshire County Council to take requests for assistance from members of the community who don’t have friends or family able to help them.  Help is available to those self-isolating either for themselves or due to a household member who is at risk, those struggling to meet basic needs due to financial. social or health restrictions, pregnant women, have underlying health conditions or aged 70 or over.   
  • Community support: The Erewash Voluntary Action Volunteer Centre is currently providing the following services with the help of a team of wonderful volunteers:
    • Shopping cover for those who are unable to get out to pick up their provisions and have no-one to help.
    • Prescription collections whereby deliveries are not taking place or no-one to pick up for individuals.
    • A friendly telephone call for anyone feeling isolated and lonely who may not have anyone ringing them or carers helping.
    • If you feel you need any of the above please call your GP Surgery Care Co-ordinator or Social Worker if you have one to refer you.
    • Erewash Voluntary Action also provides direct services in normal circumstances and liaises with many other groups and organisations.  
    • Please call on 0115 946 6740 between 9am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday for information if required.  New volunteers always welcome!
  • Community support: Residents in need of help and support to get food or prescriptions are being reminded by Derbyshire County Council to register for help if they have no friends or family to call on.   As many people across the county start to return to work, vulnerable friends, relatives and neighbours could find themselves with limited or no support.   Residents who are on the shielded list and are in need of help because their circumstances have changed are being urged to register on the national list for supermarket food deliveries, and residents are also being reminded that the county council’s Community Response Unit can also provide help to deliver food, prescriptions or even a friendly phone call to those living alone and feeling isolated.

    To register for the national shielded support scheme, register online at or call 0800 028 8327.  To register, people need their NHS number which can be found on their prescription or at the top of the letter they received to let them know they are clinically extremely vulnerable.

    Anyone not on the shielded list who is in need of food, prescriptions or a befriending call and has no one to help them should contact the Community Response Unit online at or by calling 01629 535091 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm or Saturday from 9am to 1pm.

  • Council Tax:  Call 0115 907 2244 for appropriate guidance and support on paying your Council Tax.   The Contact Centre team are continuing to work with a high level of calls so residents are being advised to use on-line services - registering for a 'My Erewash' account via where possible.
  • Derby College: Derby College Group (DCG) has remained open for certain students to attend Broomfield Hall and for children at the Little Explorers Nursery also at Broomfield Hall. In line with government guidance, DCG are planning to expand engagement on all campuses from June 15 with some face to face contact with certain students.    This engagement will be by invitation and will include students preparing for year two studies and those having to undertake assessment to gain their licence to practice. 
    • Broomfield site will be open throughout the week (Monday to Friday)
    • The Roundhouse will be open Monday and Tuesday
    • Joseph Wright will be open Wednesday and Friday
    • Ilkeston will be open on Friday
      DCG continues to accept applications and has student support and careers advice teams on hand virtually to offer guidance to potential students.  Enrolment will be an online event this year and details will shortly be announced on the College’s website:
  • Derby LIVE/ Derby City / Derby City Council events:  For full details, visit this link.  See Leisure Centres below.
  • Derby Parks: For the latest on these sites and facilities,, visit this link.
  • Derbyshire County Council Country Parks: Car parks at these sites re-opened from Wednesday 13 May 2020 (Shipley Country Park main car park reopened 19th May), in line with latest Government guidance.  Shops, cafes and visitor centres, hire of all-terrain mobility scooters and bikes, play equipment and outdoor gym equipment at our countryside sites will all remain closed.  Toilets will not be re-opened, and there will be no ice cream vans or coffee concessions.  Visitors are asked to adhere to social distancing rules and stay at least 2 metres away from anyone from another household, to take any litter home, and to keep dogs on a lead.  If any sites becomes too crowded for social distancing to be carried out then visitor numbers may have to be restricted.   Countryside sites include Elvaston Castle, Black Rocks, High Peak Junction, Middleton Top, Grin Low, Shipley Country Park, Tapton Lock and Cromford Canal.  All events at countryside sites remain cancelled until the end of August.  Car parking will remain free of charge for the time being.

    The Derbyshire Woodland Festival that was due to take place on 19 and 20 September at Elvaston Castle Country Park has been cancelled by organisers, Derbyshire County Council, along with many other events planned for their countryside sites.  The county council has also cancelled events scheduled to take place at its countryside sites up to the end of August as they can’t comply with government guidance on social distancing.  The situation will then be reviewed.  The sites at which events are cancelled include Shipley Country Park and Elvaston Castle Country Park as well as those in the Peak District.    For more information about the countryside sites including current restrictions and car parking please visit:


  • Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service: non-essential community engagement has been withdrawn.  Staff will, however, be supporting vulnerable members of our community by delivering prescriptions and contacting people as part of a telephone befriending service.
  • Derbyshire LGBT+: You are not alone.  Face to Face work is suspended but there is support in as many creative ways.  These include online drop-ins using Zoom use these to get support or just have a chat.  They are supporting older and vulnerable members of the community by organising shopping and prescriptions.  They continue to offer support around issues such as hate crime, sexual health as well as general advice and guidance.  The web site link is:
  • Domestic abuse: Some domestic abuse support services are not able to offer face to face meetings at this time, there is still help and advice available online and over the phone. 
    • Childline: If you’re a child or young person and domestic abuse is happening in your home or relationship, then call Childline on 0800 1111
    • Derby City Domestic Abuse Service: 0800 085 3481 
    • Derbyshire Domestic Abuse Service: 0800 019 8668 or visit for more information.
    • Men’s Advice Line – 0808 801 0327 
    • National Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0808 200 0247 
    • National LBGT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline; 0800 999 5428
    • Rape and Sexual Violence Services: 01773 746 115 
    • In an emergency always ring 999 -  if you ring from a mobile but cannot respond to the operator, stay on the call, enter 55 when told to, you will be connected to the police, listen and follow their instructions

  • Domestic abuse: Crimestoppers is working with Derbyshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Derbyshire Constabulary and Derbyshire County Council to launch a new campaign across the County appealing for information from people who are aware of Domestic Abuse happening to friends, family, work colleagues or neighbours.  You can contact Crimestoppers, who will take your information and pass it on, and no one will ever know you called.  The charity's UK Contact Centre is open 24/7 on freephone 0800 555 111 or visit and fill in a simple and secure anonymous online form.  Alternatively call Derbyshire’s free confidential domestic abuse support line on 08000 198 668 or visit for more information.   In an emergency always ring 999 if you ring from a mobile but cannot respond to the operator, stay on the call, enter 55 when told to, you will be connected to the police, listen and follow their instructions.    There is more on this story on our website here, and also here
  • Driving licences (bus and lorry drivers): The Government has temporarily relaxed the requirement for bus and lorry drivers to provide a medical report in order to renew their licence.  Drivers will be able to recieve a temporary 1-year icence, providing that they do not have any medical conditions that affect their driving and their current licence expires in 2020.  Drivers with health issues will still need to declare these, and those with health issues that prevent them from driving safely will not have their licence renewed.   This temporary change will only apply to those drivers whose licences are due to expire or have expired since 1 January 2020.  The licence will only be valid for one year and then the driver will need to submit a completed D4 when the licence is next due for renewal.  There is more on our website
  • Emotional support: The Derbyshire Recovery and Peer Support Service helpline can be reached on 01773 734989 or 07537 410028 between 0900 and 1700 Monday to Friday.
  • Emotional support: The Oasis Church is running a 'Time to Talk' initiative as of Monday 20th April.  A Listening Line is available to help people through the current circumstances offering friendly, safe listening support.  The lines are open Monday – Friday from 10.00am – 12 Noon and then 7:00pm - 9:00pm.  The usual Time to Talk drop in at the Infusion Coffee House in Long Eaton is currently suspended.   Call 07434 612417, 07434 612415 or 07434 612638.
  • Emotional support: Trent PTS (psychological therapies service) is still taking online referrals.  Anyone aged 16 years and over and registered with a Derbyshire GP can make a self referral by visiting   During this difficult and challenging times and in line with government recommendations their clinical staff can choose to work remotely, ensuring that this vital service continues to function.  Therefore all new assessments will be delivered either by telephone or webcam.  Clients will then continue to receive treatment by these methods plus addition online support.   If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Trent PTS on 01332 265659.
  • Emotional support:  A new free national phoneline - Daily HOPE - aimed particularly at the over 75s who don’t have access to the internet - has recently started.  The line is available 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044.  Callers can choose from a range of options, including Prayer During the Day and Night Prayer updated daily, from Common Worship, and a recording of the Church of England’s weekly national online service. 
  • Emotional support: Do you need a listening ear or support during these stressful times?   The Derbyshire Support Line is available from 9.00am-Midnight on 0300 7900596, whilst the Derbyshire Chaplaincy Service is offering a listening ear for adults of all faiths or none, and an opportunity to look for hope and meaning.  Call or text Paul on 07877 883390 or email paul @, closing the gaps in the e-mail address before sending your message.
  • Emotional support: The Community Outreach Department at Rehab 4 Addiction serves as an online resource for those dealing with substance addiction.  A set of educational guides have been devised to help increase understanding and awareness of all aspects of coping with the stress of the lockdown as well as bereavement.  With the current COVID-19 pandemic, many people who live with depression are struggling to stay afloat during self or mandated isolation.  The aim is that the guide can be one of many stepping stones for those struggling and their loved onces to better understand their situation and lead to to find a safe and supportive environment, especially during these times.  Visit for an article on guarding mental health during the pandemic 
  • Employers: support: Tbe Government is supporting businesses and their employees through a package of measures during this period of unprecedented disruption.  You can get help to find the right support, advice and information to help with the impact of coronavirus (Covid-19) on your business by visiting  There is more on this story on our website.
  • Employment and careers advice: Employment and careers advice has been extended by Derbyshire County Council during the coronavirus pandemic.   The county council’s Careers Coaches are giving free help to groups who have been affected by the current situation, including students, employees and employers, with this free support taking place via phone, e-mail, video-call or text.    For more information visit our website or go to 
  • Erewash Borough Council is receiving a high number of calls to its contact centre.  Residents are being urged, where possible, to visit and register for a 'My Erewash' acccount through which a number of services can be accessed.
  • Erewash In Bloom 2020:  Due to the challenging times we are all currently facing, and to keep safe, Erewash Borough Council has taken the decision to cancel this year’s Erewash in Bloom, the flagship project of Erewash Borough Council’s Pride in Erewash campaign.  The aim is to return, stronger, bigger and better for 2021.


  • Erewash Voluntary Action: have set up a new service in response to the COVID-19 Virus and people who are in self-isolation.  This will be a time limited service to provide a one-off shop or prescription collection service in response to those most in need; to people who have no other support network at this difficult time to provide them with some much-needed shopping essentials.   Self-referrals for this service can now be made by either calling Erewash Voluntary Action on 0115 9466740 (9:00am–3:30pm).  Once the referrals have been received, a DBS checked and trained member of staff or volunteer will be allocated.  Please call to limit exposure, there are no face to face meetings prior to allocation, so it is imperative that a CV-19 Referral Form is completed in full.

  • Fires: Firefighters across Derbyshire are asking people to pledge not to have a garden fire during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. This latest plea comes as Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Services has seen an increase in garden fires.  The Service has also been contacted by a number of residents who have found it hard to leave their homes to exercise, due to the smoke coming from local garden fires, where people have been burning garden and household waste.  To sign the pledge, which takes just thirty seconds, visit  In pledging not to have a garden fire during the pandemic you will be supporting your firefighters across Derbyshire, and people with respiratory illnesses. 

  • Food parcels: Erewash Borough Council is acting as distributor of food parcels to the most vulnerable in the borough, registered with the DWP as being in need of help, and including those self-isolating at home with serious health conditions and therefore being at the highest risk. Parcels, left on doorsteps should provide enough food for one person for one week including cereals, vegetables, pasta, tinned fruit, tea bags and toilet rolls.  The work to prepare the parcels is being done by Derbyshire County Council before they are handed to district and borough councils.   Anyone who feels they need help can make a request via or Derbyshire County Council’s community response unit helpline 01629 535091 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 1pm.  Phone lines may be busy so please be patient.  There is more information and guidance on the Countywide initiative here.


  • Food usage: For advice on how to make the most of the food you have, visit and   See also 'Recycling' and 'Recycling Sites' below.
  • Football:  The domestic football 2019/20 season below and including the National League has ended, with scheduled fixtures cancelled, results expunged and no promotion or relegation. This applies to steps 3 to 7 and grassroots football.   
  • Funerals: these can still be held under Government instructions.
  • Garden waste:
    • See 'Recycling' and 'Recycling Sites' below and 'Clothes recycling' above.
    • Visit for some advice on disposing of garden waste at home.
  • Heating oil: Distributors are working hard to meet demand from residents who use oil to heat their homes and are using more whilst at home for longer.  There is no need to panic buy. Consumers are being asked to follow advice shown on our website.
  • Helpline for COVID-19 health advice: Patient health and social watchdog care Healthwatch Derbyshire has launched a telephone helpline as part of the wider efforts to ensure Derbyshire residents get the latest Covid-19 information.  The helpline is available Monday to Friday 10am to 3.30pm on 01773 880786.  NHS organisations and local authorities across the city and county have also launched an online hub with the latest updates, advice, information and direct signposting to other useful websites at


  • Homelessness: Erewash Borough Council staff will be available for such emergencies. Call 0115 907 2244 for the Housing Options and/or Benefits Teams to speak with you.  The Housing Options Team are working remotely at this time.  If you are homeless, or have been threatened with homelessness and have a new enquiry, you can self refer by filling out the Housing Assistance Referral form via the borough council website.  If you are already working with the team or you have a general enquiry and are NOT at risk of homelessness, you can e-mail homelessness @ (closing the gaps in the e-mail address before sending your message).
  • Job Retention Scheme:  The online portal for the UK’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme portal went live on 20th April, meaning affected businesses can apply for financial assistance.  Any firms which have ‘furloughed’ employees because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic can apply for a grant that covers 80% of their usual monthly wage costs, up to £2,500 a month, plus the associated Employer National Insurance contributions and pension contributions.   Visit for more information.
  • Keep Britain Tidy: The Great British Spring Clean and Great British School Clean have been postponed.  The Great British September Clean is still scheduled from 11th-27th September 2020.
  • Key workers: The Government previously specified that the following categories qualify as key workers: Doctors, Nurses, some teachers and social workers, justice system, religious staff and public service journalists and broadcasters, local and national government workers, those involved in food production, processing, distribution, sale and delivery, public service workers including police, armed forces, firefighters and prison staff, essential air, water, road and rail transport workers, utilities, communication and financial services staff, including postal workers and waste disposal workers.
  • The Kirk Hallam Community Centre is understood to be closed except for the Community Shop - which is open Wed 2pm to 4pm, Thurs/ Fri 10am to 12noon.
  • Latest NHS Coronavirus information: Derbyshire residents can get the latest NHS Covid-19 information while staying safe at home with the launch of a new online hub.   A one-stop shop of latest updates, advice, information and direct ‘signposting’ to other helpful websites has been added to the Joined Up Care Derbyshire hub at is more on this story on our website..
  • Leisure Centres: Borough leisure centres were able to fully reopen from Saturday 25th July.  Derby Active are staging a phased reopening of City-based facilities - details can be viewed here.
    • Indoor gyms, sports halls and leisure centres.  They will have to follow strict social distancing guidelines, including:
      • Capacity limits, controlled by a timed booking system
      • Reduced class sizes
      • Equipment spaced out and improved ventilation
      • Temporary floor markings in dance studios where possible
      • Customers encouraged to shower and change at home
      • Outdoor gyms have been open since 4 July because there is less risk of catching coronavirus in the fresh air.
  • Letters To Loved Ones: Families can now share letters and photos via email to their loved ones in hospital to help them stay in touch at community hospitals run by Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust.  The new email service has been launched in response to the coronavirus and social distancing guidance which means visitors are not permitted on wards to help protect vulnerable patients and those caring for them from the virus.  The service is for in-patients includes Ilkeston Community Hospital.  

    Relatives and friends of patients on wards at these hospitals can use the #LettersToLovedOnes service by email to DCHST.letterstolovedones @, attaching a letter and photograph.  (Close the gaps in this e-mail address before sending your message).

    Please provide the date of birth and full name of any loved ones and state the ward they are on.

  • Let’s Sing Community Choir: unable to continue for the time being at the Kirk Hallam Community Centre but it will go live on Facebook:  Let's Sing will be live on Tuesday mornings from 10am to 12noon.  Everyone is welcome to join choir leader Chris Ebbern as he leads through various songs.

  • Libraries:  A phased reopening of town and village libraries continues until the end of September 2020, whilst there is also a reintroduction of the mobile library service albeit with changes. Details can be seen on the respective links to pages on our website.

  • Local History Cafés:  All the face to face programmes are postponed due to COVID 19, so the Local History Café has moved online for all ages.  Recommend it's for anyone aged 15 or over living in or with an interest in Leicester, Leicestershire and Derbyshire.  Visit the Facebook page for details.
  • The Long Eaton All Media Art Club are streaming live drawing lessons at
  • The Long Eaton Art Rooks have printable colouring sheets available at
  • Long Eaton Website Extra Newspaper: Currently no longer viable to print or deliver to outlets and therefore being published on-line only and on a weekly basis.  The publishers will return to printed versions as soon as possible.
  • Markets: Borough Council run Markets continue to operate in both Ilkeston and Long Eaton.   Residents are asked to observe Government advice about only making essential trips out for basic essentials and to keep those trips as brief as possible.
  • Medical help (non-Coronavirus) related: England's Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty has urged people with urgent or urgent or potentially life-changing medical emergencies to use the NHS as they normally would, even if they are concerned about the effect they may have.  Dr. Whitty said that the NHS is open for busines, that it was really critical for people to realise that if they’re having a medical emergency, a heart attack or a stroke or a really bad flare up of asthma, which could be life-threatening, and they should go to hospital or contact NHS 111 where necessary.  Chief Executive of NHS Derby & Derbyshire CCG echoed those comments adding that worries about a mole changing size or shape, or responding quickly if personally or observing someone else suffering what appears to be a stroke, heart or asthma attack to make the necessary call. 
  • Mental Well-being: Public Health England’s 'Every Mind Matters' platform has launched new advice, focussed on looking after people’s mental wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  NHS’s Top 5 Tips for maintaining mental wellbeing can be viewed on our website.
  • MOTs: Your car, van or motorcycle’s MOT expiry date will be extended by 6 months if it is due between 30 March 2020 and 31 July 2020.
  • National Minimum Wage: The rate for the National Living Wage and National Mimimum Wage increased from April 1st.   There is more at
  • On-line retailers remain open for the public to order for delivery.   Amazon have said that there will be changes with priority given to delivery of essential items such as food and healthcare.  In-home deliveries have been paused and drivers have been asked to place packages at the customer's door and step back, This means that bulky items such as white goods, will NOT be brought into homes.
  • Parks and play areas (Erewash Borough Council facilities): Erewash Borough Council reopened all 50 of its play areas from Thursday 9th July, but with specific guidance on use.  Details can be viewed here.
  • PPE (personal protective equipment): A campaign encouraging local businesses to donate spare personal protective equipment (PPE) to support NHS and key service workers dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic has been expanded into Derbyshire.  

    In particular, the campaign is seeking donations of:

    • Fluid resistant masks including, although not exclusively, FFP2 or FFP3 rated (the rating is marked on each mask).
    • Nitrile gloves
    • Visors or goggles
    • Disposable aprons or overalls
    • Sanitising gel
      If you can help with any of these items, send e-mail to to arrange a drop off time.  There is more on this story here.
  • Pregnant women: Becoming a parent is an exciting time but it might also feel worrying during the coronavirus pandemic. There's advice and support for pregnant women on the County Council webpage.
  • Prescriptions: important information during the COVID-19 pandemic:
    • Order repeat prescriptions in your usual quantities at the usual time. Over ordering of your medicines may mean someone else has to go without their medicines.
      Order your usual prescription online or by an app. Do not go to your GP practice or pharmacy to order prescriptions and only phone them if you cannot order online or by an app.  You can order repeat prescriptions on the NHS App and through your GP surgery or pharmacy’s online service, where available.  You can find out about ordering medicines online at
    • If you have a prescription to collect:
      • If you are 70 or over, have a long-term health condition or are pregnant you should arrange collection by a relative or friend, or ask your pharmacy for help with delivery
      • Ask any relatives and friends who are delivering your medicines to make sure they have seen you pick up the bag
      • If your medicines are being delivered make sure you keep a safe distance when you receive them.
    • For everyone else, if you are going into a pharmacy in person, follow social distancing rules and the rules put in place by the pharmacy to protect you and their staff
    • Pharmacies may have altered opening times to manage their workload.
    • Sales of some medicines may be restricted in quantity by pharmacies to ensure that there is enough for everyone.
    • New functionality has been added to the NHS App allowing patients across England to use it to choose a pharmacy to have their repeat prescriptions sent to directly.  There is more on this story on our website.
  • Recycling: Erewash Borough Council is focusing efforts on household waste and recycling collections and has asked residents to help by adapting to changed circumstances being experienced by everyone by minimising household wase and looking at ways of packing or reducing recyclable waste.   Here are some very simple key messages where you can help:
    • Please don’t put recyclable waste in black bins. This takes up space in the collection vehicles needed for general household rubbish.  Crush down all recycling items you are putting in blue bins/green bags.  For example, flatten cardboard boxes and plastic bottles/cartons – don’t just throw them straight in the bin.  This way you will create more space.
    • The government has issued a plea for householders not to burn recyclable waste.
    • As tempting as it is, avoid big clear-outs at this time unless you have somewhere to store all the items you could recycle or send to a charity shop once things return to normal.
    • Make the most of the food you have.  Be a champion of the ‘don’t waste food’ campaign.  See 'Food usage' above. 
    • Do not be tempted to use ‘waste cowboys’ to get rid of your rubbish.   The household recycling centres are currently closed (see below), so the waste will almost certainly be fly-tipped.   There has been an increase in fly-tipping across the country and this is not deemed acceptable.  
    • An A-Z of what can be recycled can be found at under the ‘Your Council’ tab.  Read more on recycling responsibly on our website.
  • Recycling sites:  Residents can now visit Derbyshire County Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres including in Ilkeston, on any day of the week.  The layout of the county council’s nine centres have been improved to accommodate more vehicles on site at any one time while allowing visitors to maintain two metre social distancing  – meaning the odd and even number plate system put in place to restrict the number of vehicles visiting the sites is no longer in place as of 3rd August.  There is more information here
    • Derby City Council runs a separate household waste recycling centre at Raynesway in Derby which is subject to separate restrictions and procedures, including the need to book a visit.  Visit this link for more information.

  • Rugby: Fixtures for Ilkeston and Long Eaton Rugby Clubs were suspended at the height of the pandemic.
  • Rural Action Derbyshire: suicide awareness training, digital hub events and village hall seminars postponed.  The Wheels To Work Service will continue as long as safety training for new riders can be offered.  Oil buying and telephone advice for village halls will be largely unaffected.  The Rural Action Derbyshire office is closed and staff are working from home.  Visit the Rural Action Derbyshire website.
  • Safe & Sound: the specialist child exploitation charity has stepped up its communications channels to offer advice and guidance about keeping children and young people safe both in person and online in light of school closures, social distancing and self-isolation caused by the Coronavirus.  The Derbyshire charity’s support workers are available online for private conversations on Facebook with young people themselves, parents, other family members and fellow professionals between 10am and 11am and 3pm and 4pm or available by telephone on 07726 694680.  The office phone is staffed between 9am and 5pm on 01332 362120 and email info @  Anyone with urgent concerns about the wellbeing or safeguarding of a child or young person are advised to call 101.  There is more on our website.
  • Salons: Beauty salons, tattoo studios, spa and barbers can all now offer close contact services and treatments as of August 15th 2020.

  • Schools: Schools across Derbyshire are preparing to reopen their doors next month to all pupils.  For full details of what to expect, visit this link.

  • Stop Smoking: support service: During the lockdown, those looking to quit smoking have access to a support phone call every week for 12 weeks and have patches or lozenges to help them quit sent out by post, all for free.  GPs in Erewash are advising that stopping smoking makes the effects of coronavirus much less dangerous and also could also save you thousands of pounds.  To register you must want to stop smoking completely and be willing to check-in with your stop smoking adviser at agreed dates and times.  More details at or by calling 0800 085 2299.
  • Support groups on social media: contact us to provide details of your group if it is not listed here.
  • Tips: see Recycling and Recycling Sites above.

  • Toilets:  All public toilets run by Erewash Borough Council are now open each day. 
  • Town Halls (Ilkeston and Long Eaton): Receptions reopened from Monday 18th May, primarily for residents who do not have access to the council's on-line services, where a range of range of information can be accessed without the need to visit the town hall.  The two reception areas will be open between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday and a queuing system will be in place to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed.   The computers and public toilets will not be in use.  Although cash can be taken at the receptions, the council is asking the public to make any payments by card as an added safety measure.  Payments can be made via or by phone.  To pay by direct debit, call 0115 907 2244 or complete the form on your 'My Erewash' account via the council website. 

    If members of the public wish to make enquiries about benefits advice, homelessness support, licensing, planning or other services they should call to book an appointment in advance.  The council is appealing to residents to register for a My Erewash account and use its online services, which remains the safest and most efficient option – with only those who have no online access needing to visit Ilkeston or Long Eaton town hall   information can be accessed without the need to visit the town hall.   

  • Trains: ..
    • See the online journey planner for more information or call National Rail Enquiries on 03457 48 49 50
    • You can also visit and follow for service updates.As
    • As of Monday 15th June, wearing of face coverings became mandatory on public transport.
  • Trusted Traders: Derbyshire County Council has waived all fees for 12 months for businesses and individuals registered with the scheme which is designed to protect older and vulnerable adults by making it easier for them to avoid falling foul of rogue traders.  The scheme usually costs £75 for sole traders and £110 for all other businesses.    Advice and support for businesses and traders can be found at to make sure they’ve got all the latest information.  Local district and borough councils also have information about help and support for businesses, and traders should look at the council local to them to find out more.
  • Walking for Health scheme (Erewash) cancelled until further notice.
  • Weddings/civil partnership ceremonies: 
    • Weddings, civil partnership ceremonies and sit-down receptions can now be held with up to 30 guests as long as they are able to remain socially distant by at least 1m and the venues themselves are coronavirus-secure   The number of participants includes all guests, the official presiding over the event, and any staff NOT employed by the venue, such as a photographer.  Restrictions are applied to how weddings can be carried out.  Wedding venues can only open if they can do so safely, ceremonies should be kept as short as possible, no food or drink should be consumed unless it is essential for the ceremony, group singing and playing of instruments should be avoided. 
    • For any cancellations, the CMA says venues and suppliers may be entitled to keep some or all of any deposit but consumer law states that they must give you a breakdown of the costs.   If your wedding is coming up and technically permitted, ensure that you read the small print in your contract for rules on cancellation or date changes and ask what they are prepared to offer.   Contract changes that could be deemed unfair could be unenforceable. 
  • Welfare RIghts: Residents who are worried about money matters and struggling to pay bills or claim benefits are being urged to seek help and contact Derbyshire County Council’s welfare rights team.  The team are on hand either via the helpline or email to answer a raft of queries, give people support and advice and even organise emergency payments in cases of hardship.    The team has seen an increase in enquires since the outbreak of coronavirus and has been supporting people whose circumstances have changed, with many having never claimed benefits before. 

    People who are waiting for benefits to be paid or for problems to be resolved who are facing hardship should contact the welfare benefits team to ask about the Derbyshire Discretionary Fund, where payments can be made to cover financial emergencies.  The team can also advise families claiming Universal Credit about accessing free school meals support. 

DISCLAIMER: Content on this page is published, edited and updated as much as possible based on information available or known to us at this time.  Content is provided in the spirit of goodwill, however, we are living in an ever changing period of time.  We therefore strongly encourage that you make your own checks before carrying out any action relating to content posted on this page and therefore cannot accept any responsibility for any issues so arising where these checks are NOT made by any individual or body. 

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