Success of lockdown quiz leads to quick radio return

Published on: Tuesday, 1st September 2020
Lewis Allsopp, marking the final of his regular lockdown quizzes in July
Lewis Allsopp, hosting the final quiz on Facebook earlier this year

An Erewash Sound presenter who helped listeners through the height of lockdown by broadcasting a week-nightly quiz on social media has quickly brought the feature back due to its success, but this time, on-air, as part of a new Sunday schedule.

When we were all told to stay at home as soon as lockdown was imposed in March of this year, Erewash Sound continued do what it has been doing since 2010 – creating entertaining and informative local radio shows for listeners.

One show, combining both audio and video, created from presenter Lewis Allsopp’s bedroom, was Erewash’s Live Quiz, a Facebook show which was broadcast for around 15 minutes every weeknight at 7.30pm between March and July of this year.

The quiz, delivered just-for-fun, consisted of 10 quick fire questions, with participants encouraged to chat with other quizzers during the session, whilst making a note of their answers to then submit via e-mail ahead of the next round.

As the regular rounds came to an end in July, Lewis promised that the quiz would be back, and initially planned sessions on special dates and occasions, however, after the launch of a new Sunday evening schedule on Erewash Sound, including the return of former local and regional radio presenters Dino, Pete and Tyles, Lewis has taken up a new 5pm slot beforehand, titled ‘Erewash’s Big Quiz’, including general knowledge, specialist subjects and guess-the-tune rounds from Sunday 6th September.

Lewis, a community radio award winner, said: “I’m really excited that our Facebook show, which connected so many people during lockdown, is now able to continue in a long-term way.  It was a great way of connecting complete strangers as we were all told to stay apart, and I’m so glad that we can continue doing so.  I’m looking forward to welcoming both new and old quizzers to the show, which will have questions and rounds that all of the family will love.”

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