Support the national effort to supply community equipment no longer in use

Published on: Thursday, 30th April 2020

An urgent appeal has been made by the British Healthcare Trades Association for the return of beds and other items of equipment loaned through Community Equipment Services that are no longer in use.

Equipment providers have noticed a drop in returns of vital community equipment.  It is understandable that consumers may have concerns about contact with people from outside their household under social distancing rules, but it is vital that these items continue to be returned so patients can be discharged from hospital, to be cared for safely in their own homes.

Community Equipment Providers understand consumers’ concerns.  They are using approved infection control procedures and enhanced PPE to protect those whose homes they visit, as well as their employees.  Please help facilitate more NHS patient discharges and free up more vital bed spaces.  If you no longer need the items you have on-loan, contact your local equipment provider so that they can arrange to collect and recycle them.

Contact details will be found on any paperwork left with you, or on a label on the equipment.   If you do not have access to this please search on your local borough and/or county council for ‘how to return equipment’ or for ‘Occupational therapy’.   Alternatively, click here to conduct a search.

Thank you for helping to Help the NHS!

Do you have an unwanted community equipment?

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