Survey finds that the UK is one of Europeans' favourite holiday destinations for August 2022

Published on: Friday, 29th July 2022

The UK is one of Europeans' favourite holiday destinations for August 2022, according to a recent survey.

Jetcost conclude that the recovery of tourism is fully confirmed, after the hard years of the pandemic.  They also conclude that the fear of the coronavirus has been left behind and the desire to travel and enjoy a well-deserved holiday is stronger, and, according to their figures, searches for flights have increased by 250%, while those for hotels have increased by 330% in the first seven months of this year 2022. 

Searches for August 2022 holidays are already 30% above those for the same month in 2019. In addition, users spend 50% more time searching for different solutions, budgets and alternative dates to find the offer that best suits their needs, and a big number of Europeans who have decided to travel during the August holidays in 2022 are going to the United Kingdom, its cultural richness, popular customs, beautiful landscapes, magnificent castles, green hills, good hotels and infrastructures and its restaurants and pubs have made thousands of Europeans look for its cities to enjoy their August holidays.

The data analysis of the results of flight searches for the month of August 2022, indicate that a large majority of tourists have opted for England and especially for its capital, London, which has been chosen in the first place by the Germans, Spanish, French, Italians, Dutch and Portuguese tourists. 

Locally and regionally, Birmingham is the fourth favourite city for the Portuguese, the fifth for the Germans, French and Dutch, the sixth for the Italians and the seventh for the Spanish. In the East, Nottingham is the seventh most searched by the Dutch, tenth by the Spanish and eleventh by the Portuguese.

London is not only the favourite holiday destination for Europeans in the UK, according to Jetcost, but also for the British, as it ranks first in terms of searches. In addition to London, 4 other British cities are among the top 25 most searched in the world to spend these days of rest and leisure, such as Manchester (7), Edinburgh (9), Newquay (10) and Glasgow (21).

The sun, beach and sea destinations in Spain are among the preferences of the British for their days of leisure in August, Alicante occupies the second position, Malaga the third, Barcelona the fourth, followed by Palma de Mallorca (12), Tenerife (17), Ibiza (22) and Lanzarote (25). On the other hand, the capitals and large cities of the main European countries are other top destinations on the list, Amsterdam (5), Faro (6), Dublin (8), Lisbon (13) Paris (14), Athens (15), Rome (16). Those who searched long-haul destinations have chosen Bangkok (18th), Dubai (19th) and Cairo (23rd).

Ignazio Ciarmoli, Marketing Director, said: "Normality is here and with it comes the millions of tourists who visited every summer before the pandemic. UK´s cities remain major global tourist destinations, with their cultural richness, attractions, coastline and landscapes, popular traditions, castles, churches and monuments, and good hotels and infrastructures continuing to attract a big number of tourists. On the other hand, many Britons have also chosen national cities for their holidays, in addition to the main European cities and Spanish sun and beach destinations, where their good prices, rich gastronomy and nightlife continue attracting UK tourists".

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