Tunnel mitigation for HS2b - Erewash, Derbyshire and Broxtowe, Nottinghamshire

Published on: Monday, 10th December 2018

A campaigner against the HS2 project has issued details of a question he has tabled for a forthcoming Erewash Borough Council meeting.

Vaughan Morris said that he felt the members of the public would be interested and that the question was worthy of publication.

He said that the latest news emerging about the option of a tunnel for HS2b under Long Eaton was interesting for a number of reasons, and said that an accurate cost comparison per kilometre was needed for reported lengths of 7.1km for a tunnel and 4km for a tunnel.  

His question for the meeting also called for an overall cost evaluation of an extended tunnel from south of the Trent right up to Trowell Services, using the same Tunnel Boring Machine, AVOIDING the re-building of 1.3 mile of the M1, and all the extensive disturbance to this extended conurbation and Erewash and Trent valley environments.

His proposal, if the cost of tunnelling is still too expensive is to omit the East Midlands Hub and use savings to go twoards avoiding a popualation centre and sensitive environmental receptors, improve the construction timetable due to simpler and straighter alignment below ground, and the avoidance of demolition projects in Long Eaton and other areas, losses to business and the borough council, council tax rises to balance losses and for infrastructure repairs.

In his submission, Mr. Morris asks the borough council to "seriously consider" his proposed alternative option, before releassing authority land and to discuss the matter in more detail with relevant authorities and HS2 Ltd.


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