Virtually assisting with stress

Published on: Thursday, 4th April 2019

April marks the start of Stress Awareness month and with nearly 600,000 workers in 2017/18 reporting that they were suffering from work related stress, depression or anxiety the need for help has never been greater.  With that in mind, a borough woman, Sarah Banks is hoping to help alleviate some of the stress that workers can feel. 

To mark the fifth anniversary of her business, Banks Business Solutions, Sarah, from Stanley Common, will be providing free resources relating to the areas that she finds people struggle with most at work.  Sarah said: “One of the reasons I started my business was due to the stress of trying to juggle work and home life. Work related stress is very real and can be debilitating but when people think about it, they usually think of people who work in offices and not the self-employed, who are the people I predominantly work with.”

Last year stress was responsible for the loss of 15.4 million working days and with workload stated as the biggest cause, the support that Sarah gives her clients is clearly much needed.

For Sarah self-employment alleviated a lot of her stresses as it has enabled her to work flexibly around her family and has even given her the freedom to travel.  Last year the family went overseas for three months, but for many self-employment brings its own issues that can contribute to stress such as uncertainty, isolation and financial pressure.

Sarah explains; “Whilst self-employment does eliminate some stresses it can bring with it other worries, as everything rests on one person’s shoulders.  Lots of people can feel that they need to be experts in everything, something that may not be experienced in larger organisations where they will have somebody looking after marketing and another person managing IT and finance.”

“Part of my role as a virtual assistant is to take away some of that stress.  I feel that mental health is an important topic and I hope that the downloads I have created will help people with their workload.  The resources cover that I have created cover the five things that people normally come to me for help with.”

The downloads which will be available from 29th April include email organisation, Mailchimp, GDPR, websites and social media image sizing.   To take advantage of the free downloads visit

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