Walkers urged to steer clear of ponds following chemical leak

Published on: Tuesday, 13th February 2018

County Council officials are warning walkers to stay away from two ponds in Shipley Country Park following a cyanide leak from a nearby industrial estate.

Liquid cyanide spilled from a delivery truck at an industrial unit on Adam's Close on Tuesday 6th February and into Adam's Pond which is in Shipley Country Park, which is County Council owned.

The Environment Agency has been taking samples of the water to monitor chemical levels since the spillage happened and working alongside County Council staff to contain the leak and neutralise the chemical in the watercourse.

But following the discovery of large numbers of dead fish in Adam's Pond and heavy rain overnight which could mean the pollution has been washed downstream to Osborne's Pond, park users are being urged to keep away from the affected ponds as a precaution.

Strategic Director Economy, Transport and Environment, Mike Ashworth said: "Shipley Country Park remains open to walkers and other visitors but users are being urged to keep clear of Adam's Pond and Osborne's Pond as a precautionary measure.

"We have been advised that fish are particularly susceptible to this chemical but to ensure everyone's safety we're warning people not to enter the water for any reason, keep children well away from the ponds and make sure dogs are kept on a lead in the area to prevent them swimming in or drinking the water."

Signs have been in place around Adam's Pond to warn the public to stay away from the water and this has now been extended to include Osborne's Pond.

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