What's in YOUR bin?

Published on: Wednesday, 31st August 2016

A survey to help find out what households in Derby and Derbyshire throw away is being launched to highlight what local councils can do to improve recycling services.

Derby City Council and Derbyshire County Council are asking households across the county to take part in the study to be carried out four times throughout the year – once per season starting in the autumn, then winter, spring and summer.

Households selected at random from each district and borough will have their non-recycling bin emptied by an independent specialist research company called MEL Research.

Waste from these households will be taken to a depot and mixed together with waste from other households taking part in the survey. Then it will be sorted into different waste types, weighed and the details recorded.

All waste collected will be dealt with in complete confidence, will not identify individual households and will be disposed of in the usual way.

Households selected to take part will receive a letter in early September giving them the opportunity to opt out if they wish.

Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure Councillor Dean Collins said: “Dealing with Derbyshire’s waste costs the county council £35.8 million per year.

“Results from this survey will help us to understand what people are throwing away and how we can improve the services we provide to encourage people to recycle more.

“Households do not have to take part, although we won’t know which waste has come from which bin. And when the work is complete, all waste will be disposed of in the usual way.”

The findings of the survey will be made publicly available next year but details of the householders taking part in the study will remain anonymous.

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